My real post today!

So I got a package in the mail today!! A while back I participated in a Fall Swap hosted by Flip Flops and Combat Boots.  If you don’t know what it is, it’s like getting a one-time pen pal who buys you a present and you buy them a present.  You spend up to X.XX and hope like hell their present doesn’t suck.  If you remember correctly, I was in the middle of PCS’ing at the time.  I had  my swap package sent to my mom’s house since I didn’t have an actual address.  Mom sent it to me this week and here it is!  To Marie @ Such is the Life of a Military Wife, someone had to tell her that I would love this stuff because she did a super fantastic job!  To see what I sent her Click Here! I would have taken a picture of it sitting outside my door but… the camera was inside.

I’m pretty sure she crammed this box full!

This is the COOLEST pen ever and I LOVE coasters, especially since I need some for my nightstand in the bedroom.

Cinnamon Spice hot chocolate, Apple Cider Mix, Candles!! She’s so awesome.

On that note, I am participating in the Secret Santa swap @ Wife of a Sailor so if you want something super cool (or maybe sucky) mailed to you, you should check it out!  Oh and Erin @ Moore 2 Love is also hosting one.  I would do 2 but it’s just not in the budget and I went to WOAS first.  I’m so excited to make cinnamon spice hot chocolate and mochas.


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