My free xmas cards and a tech school rant.

Shutterfly shipped my free Christmas Cards today!  I should have them on Friday and it cost me 8.55 for shipping.  That’s dirt cheap.  I’m so excited.

Today I’m sick.  It kinda feels like a mild case of the flu and it sucks.  I’ve made residence on the bed and my couch all day.  I haven’t gone outside once, I haven’t showered, I just recently brushed my teeth, I’ve had a fever about 7 times now and I’m currently sweating.  Oh, and I haven’t smoked a cigarette all day (yes, I’m a smoker 😦 I’m aware of the consequences, tyvm). I felt much better after dinner and now I’m back to feeling like crap, fantastic.  Superman was kind enough to make me dinner and then dessert and I totally have eaten lots of things today but I feel like trash.  Better yet, tomorrow is dependent flu shot day, quite possibly a day too late.  The worst part is that I’m not one of those people who randomly gets sick or only gets a little sick.  I’m an all or nothing kind of sick person so this is interesting for me.

Now, onto the tech school rant.  I have a friend who is still at GFAB.  We met during Superman’s tech school and since she’s Intel, she’s still there.  Well, she got a new roommate who happens to be fire.  It’s not that I’m against female firefighters but it’s an intense, physically challenging course.  Yeah, she’s nervous about it.  Good.  There are plenty of guys that washed out and an even higher percentage of girls.  Well now she’s bitching publicly (facebook) about having to do PT with the guys .  Let’s be serious, who the hell else would she do it with?  It’s not like there is an overwhelming amount of girls in fire school and she sure as shit isn’t doing it with the Intel kids.  Furthermore, she’s officially insinuated that all the other armed forces are worthless and that they shouldn’t be there.  I don’t even know this girl but based on her actions on both the internet and how she’s already treated her roommate, I’m waiting for her to wash out.  She’s even made the comment about trying to wash out because this isn’t the job she wanted.  First off, most of my family is Army.  My step dad was Marines.  My brother is National Guard.  I could easily start slinging their slang names but I wouldn’t DARE insult the other forces.  Everyone plays their part and it’s not my job to call out each group (my own affiliation included) and insult them and make fun of them for their “supposed” short comings.

Anyway, I know this is random and probably none of my business but she’s irritating me and more than anything, she’s upsetting my friend.  Oh and best part, I totally got sick for the very first Kelly week we’ve ever gotten. Let’s see if I feel better by tomorrow.  Super BOO.


5 thoughts on “My free xmas cards and a tech school rant.

  1. I agree about the dissing of the other forces. Lieutenant and I always say that it doesn't matter. We are united as one team doing the same job – serving and protecting. There's no room for branch on branch hate, they're doing enough fighting during their deployments!

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