Awesome freebie!

I’m alive, I swear.  I also got my first blog award but I’m still working on that post so you’ll see it later.  Onto the one that can’t wait.!/ is giving away 10,000 free pairs of GLASSES (with prescription lenses).  I ordered mine, they cost 13.68 with shipping and tax.  13.68! My last (and only) pair of glasses were over 200 bucks.  I had vision insurance but used my benefit for contacts this time.  So I’ve had the same pair of glasses for 3 years.  I still love them, they’re just starting to fade.

They have a waiting room since there is a ton of traffic on the site today, but if these glasses work out, totally worth it.  I’ve never bought a pair from them before but I have friends who have bought pairs from for dirt cheap as well.  For the record, my original frames were $68 and they took off $68 from the order. 

The coupon code is 10KUSA.  It’s also on that facebook page link too.  Good Luck!


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