And black friday begins!

So today I get an email from  I spend way too much money there and officially have a silver membership.  Today, they put some of their black friday stuff on sale for the silver premiere people!  I missed out on one of the video games Superman is getting for Christmas but totally snagged the other one.

I’m also planning my attack for shopping.  I have my shopping carts saved online, backed up by a wishlist online.  I’ve got my plan of attack set up for my physical shopping.  I’ve decided on presents for most of the people we’re shopping for and I’m almost completely ready!! Yah.

I love black friday!  Oh and if you need a link for a black friday website I recommend  I’ve been using it for 4 years now.  I’ll have something more substantial to say, just not right now.


3 thoughts on “And black friday begins!

  1. Walmart at Midnight, Target at 4, MAYBE best buy.. depends on the chaos. There are a couple movies I need to get and a video game, unless I can find it online before then. I saw the price on that westinghouse, pretty awesome. I've never had that brand but I've got the 42" Panasonic that best buy has and love that thing. I'll try and do as much online as I can but we'll see.

  2. Wow, hardcore. I have to work so I'm totally skipping out on the "Early Bird" specials. Luckily, most of the places I'm going are little boutique shops around town. This year, I'm staying away from the Outlets, tried that last year, terrible idea!

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