Turkey, Turkey, Turkey… HAM!

So, are you ready for thanksgiving?  Do you have your pies done?  Is your turkey defrosted?  Have you made your deviled eggs yet?

I haven’t! lol.  I’m not sure how you people do thanksgiving on your respective bases or with your families but we are heading to one of the co-workers house.  There are a LOT of us heading to this house.  I’m making deviled eggs.  I finally just my eggs on the stove to boil.  I’ve also started my christmas shopping!  Super Bonus.  Superman will officially be the owner of 2 new Blu-Ray’s, a video game, a hoodie, and a t-shirt.  I still have some serious shopping to take care of, I may have to throw bows to get these video games that I need.  I’m also on the hunt for a pillow because superman needs another one for work because got forbid he brings his bedding in at night.  So maybe I’m looking for a 2nd blanket too for him, we’ll see.  And to alleviate any confusion whatsoever, he sleeps at work.  He works 24 hours on, 24 hours off and yes, they are allowed to sleep… they have beds, lol.

I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving, make new friends or spend with whatever family you have.  Drive safely it’s a little slick around here and more importantly, have a blast on black friday.. no killing of anyone, I’d like to see you all back.

On a more serious note, were you invited to the facebook event about the empty chair for thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving Day 2001, they printed a political cartoon of an empty chair and something to the extent of “not everyone came home”.  I have that cartoon still in this little notebook that I keep random things like movie tickets and comics and such.  I’d take a picture for you, but I don’t think it’s been unpacked.  So I’ll leave you with this one instead.

totally stolen from someone’s blog but I’m not crediting them because it’s not actually theirs, instead… thanks google image search!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, i hope no one is spending it alone.
I’m really thankful we were invited to dinner somewhere.

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