The epic failure of Black Friday

So I’m one of those crazy people who shops on black friday.  Well, I may never do that again after today.

It all started at Walmart for Madden 11.  If you went there and you saw this mess, picture this… I was stuck in between the 2 video game displays.  Xbox was behind me, Wii directly in front of me, and PS3 just to my left.  This small confined space holds exactly 2 people.  I was pushed and shoved and squished and pushed some more but of course I got my video game and when the display was empty squeezed out of my closet I bee-lined it for a pillow.  Well, I get to the cluster that is the check out line and guess what’s now missing?!?! My wallet. FML.  My coach wallet, with my military ID, out of state driver’s license, debit cards, credit cards and a walmart gift card plus some change.  Fast forward, I go home and go to sleep because I’m really annoyed and am now planning my recovery of said items after blocking all my cards.

My husband texts me from work at like 10:30 and asks me if they found my wallet yet… I dunno, I just woke up.  I call wal-mart and you’re not going to believe it… not only did they find my wallet, but EVERYTHING was still in it including my change.  I guess it got kicked under a display during this video game debacle that was absurdly planned and poorly managed.

I get the things I needed from wal-mart (sans video game, I got that from for 6 bucks extra when I got home) and head out to the mall.  I grab a few more items, get ran into with a FRICKIN’ shopping cart in the middle of PacSun and glared at… yeah, they don’t have shopping carts at PacSun.  Apparently this mall target doesn’t have locking wheels.  Oh, and no one can read, they just do whatever the hell they want and they take their shopping carts into the mall and various other stores.  I saw more target employees retrieving shopping carts from various places in the mall than in target itself.

After the mall, I go to hobby lobby… I need stockings.  Guess what happens at Hobby Lobby?  I get hit by some woman in the parking lot.  Well, the car got hit.. not me, but I was in it.  She came around an aisle and then instead of turning down the next aisle either slid or something but by the time I saw her and slammed on the breaks in a snow covered parking lot, it was too late.  She slid/drove/whatever right into my front quarter panel.  Here’s the lucky break… she drives a Subaru SUV so they sit a little lower and instead of hitting my actual car, she scratched my hubcap.  In the process she tears off her own license plate and drags it along the front end of her car.  We didn’t even bother to report it.. I wasn’t concerned enough with my damage and she didn’t seem to care about hers (very weird).  I don’t even know how to describe how I feel about today, it’s just messed up.

On a side note, there is a military facebook group where the mods more or less attacked someone on their wall and then completely backpedaled when they found out that the person they were attacking was a gold star mom.  I’m just going to say that I’m super annoyed with this for  a few reasons… 1) They had no idea what a gold star mom was and 2) They were disrespectful to someone that they didn’t even know for a stupid reason.  Then came the onslaught of apologies for insulting a gold star mom.  What if they just randomly insulted a regular millie?  Would they care?  What if they were in public and insulted the commander’s wife and then ran around yelling about how they were a millie with a frickin’ name tag attached?  Maybe I’m reading to into this, I know we’re not all perfect.  I know that sometimes we get frustrated and say things we don’t mean but I think that you should respect a person regardless of who they are until they no longer deserve the respect…  especially if you’re going to run around screaming about being a millie while posting your first and last name, location, and a picture of your husband in uniform.

Oh and better yet, one of the mods won’t stop sending me facebook messages in this stupid message war that she started after I may or may not have said my piece and left the group.  Oh well, it’s done, I blocked her…. I cannot believe I’m in a facebook war with someone who graduated in 2008 (god, I’m old).  I graduated college before she graduated high school.

Please comment, I’m interested in how you all feel about this and whether or not I’m just being sensitive or rational.


6 thoughts on “The epic failure of Black Friday

  1. Sorry you had such a bad day of Black Friday shopping. That was me last year. I vowed to never do it again, but, I did this year! haha. That's good they found your wallet, there are some good people out there still.As for the Facebook thing, sometimes comments are made on there that get me fuming and I just ignore that person and try need to get involved. I've never been to the page you are talking about though..

  2. Was the FB drama from local people? Cause, wow. Who starts drama like that?I graduated '07 and I could never act that way! Age is just a number! It's the maturity level that counts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks everyone! @ Sarah, no.. it's just some pathetic facebook group, they'rearmy wives. And you're right… it's about the maturity, not the age. There are 30 year olds who act like 19 year olds.@ everyone else, I was totally brushing it off but they kept apologizing and it kept showing up on my news feed and that really got me annoyed. I think I've learned my lesson, next time I'm just closing my browser.

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