Products For Good + Giveaway

To celebrate my upcoming 100th post (this is #97), I have something for one of you!  I was originally planning on sending someone a Starbucks gift card or something.  But then someone intervened.

So lets do the background first….  A few weeks ago, a woman name Anna sent me an email.  In this email she thanked me for supporting our troops and offered me a gift.

Now, first off, I don’t have much of a choice in the whole support of the military thing.  There are times I’d like to go postal on multiple sections of the military and his job… but I don’t.  I am lucky enough to be not have experienced a deployment (I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough), I haven’t had to bury my husband or any of his friends, I do the laundry and cook.  I make sure he gets to and from work and irons his blues when they need to be.  I make countless trips to the stupid uniform place in the BX just to look for stripes.  I’m not sure I really qualify for this.  There are times I feel like a military wife but I’m just a wife.  I’m not special, I don’t do all those things that the good milies do.  I don’t know the acronyms and have to ask questions all the time.  I’m so new to this still.

Here was the catch, I have to pass a gift forward and more importantly, it’s an iraqi coin.  I was a little hesitant at this point.  No one has ever sent me something because of my blog and well, it’s an iraqi coin.

Yeah, it’s a little weird, yeah, I’m a little nervous about this, yeah.. onto GOOGLE!  So UPS showed up at my house last night and inside were these:

Honor the women in your life who serve and the women who face their own battles at home as their loved ones serve with this exquisitely crafted Iraqi Coin Pendant Necklace. Hanging on a solid sterling silver chain and encased in a sterling silver bezel, our liberated Iraqi coin symbolizes freedom and the sacrifices made to preserve it. When she puts it on, it will serve as a constant reminder that her commitment, sacrifice and service will forever be cherished. Your gift comes in our signature velvet box and includes our Products for Good story and certificate of authenticity. – Products for Good

close up

The Coin (Giveaway Item)

The company is called Products For Good LLC , their story is this:

In the spring of 2003, coalition forces were called to secure the banks in Basra, Iraq. Upon doing so, they found a collection of brilliant un-circulated Iraqi coins that were decommissioned by Saddam Hussein at the end of the first Gulf War. Although the coins could not be used for monetary purposes, what they symbolized was invaluable. Because the coins represent freedom and the sacrifices made to preserve it, the coalition forces wanted them to be a part of doing something good. So they decided to auction off the coins and use the proceeds to rebuild the orphanage in Basra that had been destroyed during Saddam’s reign. 

In keeping with the intent to do something positive with the Iraqi coins, in 2004, we founded Products for Good and purchased the entire coin collection to create good works for as many people as possible. We used the coins to develop a line of products that would give everyone an opportunity to honor and express their gratitude to our men and women in uniform. We also chose Cleveland Vocational Industries (CVI), a facility in North Carolina that provides work opportunities for mentally and physically challenged individuals, to assemble our products. And last but certainly not least, we created a plan to donate over $20 million to charities that help our men and women in uniform and their families. A percentage of every dollar generated from the sale of our products (before any expenses are paid) is sent immediately to charities that include USA Cares, the Folds of Honor Foundation, The Aleethia Foundation, Tragedy Assistance Project for Survivors (TAPS), Helping a Hero and The Gerald T. Parks Memorial Foundation.  taken from

 Basically, these coins were purchased to benefit other organizations that were decimated by Saddam Hussein in the 90’s.  They now are pledging to donate $20 million to various veterans charities such as T.A.P.S., USA Cares, The Aleethia Foundation, Gerald T. Parks Memorial Foundation, Folds of Honor, and Helping a Hero.  Their products have been presented to many veterans and a shadowbox was given to W. Bush… it’s hanging in his presidential library.  They have a shop where you can purchase shadowboxes, the coins, or the necklace to gift to someone important in your life.

Onto the Giveaway!

Anne and PFG were kind enough to bestow an extra coin to me.  My first coin will be going to my brother.  I don’t talk about him much besides the occasional mention but he’s an Army Vet.  He’s my baby brother and he’s had a rough time.  He’s in the national guard right now, welcoming his first child into the world in March (who has my eyes, btw… 3-D ultrasounds are pretty cool), and thinking about rejoining the Army, which I really hope he does.  He has a hard time being a civilian, he’s meant to be a soldier.  I think in time his brain will wrap its head around the despair and destruction he’s seen in his life already, but it may take a little while to get there.

My second coin is going to one of you.  If you made it this far, you understand this whole thing now.  This coin is a way to honor a veteran, your husband, wife, mom, dad, boss, grandpa, grandma, etc.  In the package will be the coin in it’s little velvet case, the story for Products For Good and the certificate of authenticity.   I really hope this company makes it to their $20 million goal.  Feel free to pass this along to all of your friends, I would like as many participants as possible and as you can see, I don’t have a bajillion followers.

Here are your requirements:

  • Follow me, if you’re not already doing so.  Hopefully I’m entertaining enough to keep you around.
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog and provide a link to the giveaway.
  • Leave me a comment with a link to your blog entry.

I’ll pick a winner 2 weeks from today (December 18th) with that random number generator thingee, you’ll get an email that day.  On Monday, December 20th (assuming I’ll have your address by then) I’ll venture my happy self to the post office and priority mail the coin to you so that you can have it for the holidays.  If you have an overseas address, you may not probably will not receive the coin by Christmas, I have nothing against you guys also getting involved in this, hell, I encourage it.  But, you’ll have to give me instructions on how to properly mail this thing to you because I’ve never mailed anything to an overseas address except a letter.  Good Luck to Everyone!

The link to this webpage is:


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