Giveaway + Life Update

Reminder, I’m hosting a giveaway… I’m selecting the winner on Saturday!

So, we didn’t make it until Christmas to exchange presents this year again.  I got Zumba for PS3, the PS3 Move system and a 1985 Walter Payton Throwback Jersey… We’re still doing stockings which have DVD’s and such in them.  He got 2 bears sweatshirts, 4 t-shirts (3 oregon, 1 bears), a pair of oregon gloves, 3 or 4 DVD’s and 3 video games.  He totally got more than I did, lol.  Oh, and I got a customized sign with our last name on it…. LOVE IT.  Best Christmas Ever.

We never make it until Christmas but we usually make it past December 14th, lol.  Did anyone else cave and do Christmas early?

Last night we had freezing rain which means road conditions are Red around here.  Our base is right off a main highway that runs from near Canada to Texas.  When it snows really bad or ices over, they road color changes.  We’ve got green, yellow, red, and black.  Green = good, Yellow = caution, Red = Dangerous Travel, Black = you’ll get ticketed when you get to base, don’t even think about it and stay the eff off the road. Apparently the Northern Lights made an appearance last night as well and I’m bummed I missed it.  Today, we’re supposed to get 4-9 inches of snow (blah, not impressed).

Oh and I got a job yesterday… and I have an interview today for a different one.  Yah!  I got the job I really wanted that uses my degree and is everything I wanted and more.  I really hope I like it and because it sounds awesome!! It’s on base, it involves youth sports, and it involves scheduling.  YAHHHH.  My interview that’s at 10 this morning (I really need to start getting ready) is for a CNA position.  I really want to go back to school for nursing and the only way to do that in this stupid state is to have a pre-existing CNA license from ND.

Although, I’m not sure if I can actually work the 2 jobs but who knows.  I’ll keep you updated but regardless I’ve got a job!  Hopefully I can do both, No one knows how many hours the sports one is except the director and she hasn’t said anything about it yet.  Gotta love doing those jobs…. no one seems to know anything.  Oh and I have an insane amount of mailing to do… and baking.


2 thoughts on “Giveaway + Life Update

  1. good luck on your interview and congratulations on your new job! So exciting.Ryan and I always celebrate Christmas early. This year we're celebrating it late! πŸ™‚ Almost everytime I buy a gift, I HAVE to give it to him because I get so excited for it. Everytime he buys a gift, I HAVE to know. He tries to hold off, but since I beg so well, he gives in. I'm kind of excited for this year because everything will be a surprise!It sounds like you both did pretty well, I LOVE the customized sign thing. So cool!

  2. Good luck! Lieutenant hates when I spoil the big day but this year it was his fault. He begged for an XBOX for about 3 months straight and I made him go with me to buy it. Speaking of baking – I made a cake today and it IMPLODED on me. I even made pink frosting for it. Sad 😦

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