Giveaway Reminder

Quick reminder… you must be entered into the giveaway by Saturday the 18th @ 11pm CST (midnight for you east coast folks).

You can enter here:

I would say more but my sick and dying husband is on the couch, watching American Top Gear and referring to it as the “Bastard Step-Child” and coughing on me… so instead, I’m going to plan dinner and find some effin cough medicine.  This holiday season is exhausting this year, I’m not sure why but I’m thrice busier than normal but we’ve got presents rolling in.  I’ll be back tomorrow when I have more time and energy.

Oh, Oh, Oh… J @ It’s A Dog Tag Wife Life is donating a dollar for every new follower she gets to the WWP.. Get your happy butt over there and check her out.  She’s fun to read and has a little different of a perspective (she’s getting married to the Army soon.. that traditional way, I know, weird!) and has a super-cute layout.


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