Winner, Winner, Winner

So, the winner to my hugely entered (/sarcasm) giveaway is Andi Mac @ Sealing our Love With a Kiss.

If you haven’t checked her out yet, you should.  I love reading her blog because she doesn’t update daily (like me sometimes).  The downside, she occasionally gets lost in my blogroll so I usually go in and actually read her blog instead of catching updates.  She’s celebrating her 1 year anniversary in a few months and her husband is in training. 

Anyway, thanks to EVERYONE who entered.  Hopefully next time I’ll get more than 4 of you 🙂 lol.

Last night was “movie night”.  Ever since I got to this base I have been fortunate enough to make some great friends.  Some of went over to one of the houses for movies and let me just tell you, there is never a movie watched.  There is a lot of talking, eating, even drinking (gasp!), lol.  But no we have a blast, we meet new people and new friends and such.  Have you noticed I have an jam-packed social schedule?  Well this last week was an interview, a surprise party, and coffee date, a movie night, and today is now family dinner day.  Sheesh.  I swear I’m a hermit.  I sit at home and do a whole lot of NOTHING.  It’s super awesome and I’m on my own schedule.  I love it.  But, when I get out, I get out.

I hate to be the one who says this but I like Minot!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, Winner

  1. Im very excited to win! I cant wait to get it! So, why is it do you think that they wont give you a house yet on base? Im worried, because I cant get on the housing list til I have orders, and Im kind of unprepared to look (and pay) for apartment fees in Missouri. I heard that Minot is one of the main ones that hold you off base for a really long time, while other bases can get a house almost instantly…I hope I am not so out of luck that I am on the housing list and have to wait to move on base..=(

  2. The list around here is long. Not only is it long but they're rebuilding houses and the housing office is ridiculously inefficient. Almost any other base would have gotten us on right away… except maybe a few. I don't know anything about your base but I do know that Minot is a special place. The rental market around here is insanity. You can make an appointment to look at an apartment and they will have leased it before you can even look at it. There is a huge oil boom west of here so you've got a lot oil people and their families fighting for apartments. Plus, base housing is nice and about 10 miles out of town. A lot of military lives off base but a lot live on base too. Basically it's jut a small town mess, lol. There are no other real cities around us, we're pretty desolate. I don't see you having as much trouble. The apartments around here are gross usually and not pet friendly. The town hates the military and makes sure they get as much money as humanly possible from us. But they love us at the same time because we are responsible for all the shopping and food choices and such.

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