Miscellany Monday

1. Snow Day! Guess who’s got snow?!  We do!  We’re predicted for 5″-9″ by tomorrow morning, roads suck and we got 3″ in 3 hours.  Sweet.  I’m officially cuddled up on the couch, contemplating food, and watching chick flicks.

 2.  Christmas!  Did I mention we already did Christmas?  I don’t know if I did.. but yeah, we didn’t even wait as long as we usually do.  Coolest present ever, well, they all were.

 3.  Cookies! I’ve been baking a ridiculous amount of cookies.
 4.  Shipping! I spent the morning shipping all of our Christmas presents via UPS to the fam.  Talk about waiting until the last minute… lol 🙂
5.  Housing! I just got a text message saying that the person who’s is 6 people ahead of us on the waitlist has 3 people ahead of them!  YAH YAH YAH.  I can’t wait to move into it and show you my new house.

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