My FIRST blog award…

To accept this award I have to tell 7 facts about myself and give this to 15 people, which is easy because there’s so many blogs that I love and that are equally as stylish!

7 Facts

1. I wish I could be a photographer but I’m so cheap that I wouldn’t ever spend that much on a camera.

2. I’m obsessed with Diet Dr. Pepper, I occasionally will drink other pops but it’s my favorite.

3. My husband has more shoes than I do… I have more purses than he has shoes.  I’m a full-blown purse junkie. 

4. I love chocolate but I do NOT drink mochas.  I can’t stand them for some reason.

5. My favorite food is mashed potatoes.

6. I only eat tuna fish when my husband is at work, he hates the smell.

7.I buy DVD’s on a whim.. and sometimes I end up buying multiples of the same one because I can’t remember what we already own.

I would tag you guys but I seem to be doing a lot today (snow day)… so I’m gonna skip it.

Thanks Mrs. Air Force!


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