Secret Santa

First off, I love, love, love getting mail.  Even more than mail, I love x infinity getting packages!

So on Monday, I get home to a box sitting outside my door!!! This is actually becoming a common occurrence since Christmas is right around the corner and presents are being shipped in left and right.  The difference on this one, I have no idea who this package is from.  I don’t recognize the name.

I open it and BAM!! AWESOME secret santa present from WifeOfASailor’s swap.

PoeKitten from Many Waters sent me this super awesome package.

In the box…


Inside this little box was an oat and honey soy candle, some sample coffees (cinnamon vanilla nut & hazelnut),  milk chocolate hot cocoa mix!!, a scented charm from pier one, a pampered chef recipe book and the COOLEST starbucks cup ever!  Oh and she put a christmas card in there and her husband is an Oregon fan!! (We are oregon fans here too as witnessed by some of my husband’s xmas gifts)

I am so happy 🙂  Thanks PoeKitten!


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