Navigating the Housing Waitlist

Recap:  We’ve been on the housing wait list since Sept. 29th.  Being childless has its drawbacks, obviously.  I go to the housing office every single Wednesday.  The new list gets posted on Thursdays and I’m persistent… plus, it gets me in front of the housing people… weekly.  The housing list here is obnoxious and has over 160 families on it.  Yesterday, I got a text from someone who is 6 ahead of us on the wait list got their phone call and picked out their house… yesterday.

Today, just like every Wednesday, I went to the housing office and talked to my favorite housing personnel.  She was obviously annoyed with my insistence and persistent presence (Score!).  Today I’m a little bit more persistent since I know that we are REALLY close.  Well, my favorite housing personnel went and pulled our application.  To my surprise, they messed up.  They didn’t actually update the application when we checked-in with the housing office so had our number been pulled up, they would have just passed over us (AFTER 2.75 MONTHS).  Well there was some serious hush-hush in the next cubicle and then my favorite came back.  We are “very close” as she says.  Superman needs to fill out some stupid forms, whatever.  Then she informs me that the application had problems and that my husband “never checked in” when we arrived at Minot.  BULLSHIT.  I sat in that office on October 14th with Superman and talked to el stupido in the housing office.  I flat out told favorite that we sat and talked to el stupido and that I still had the packet he gave us the day we checked in.  Oh, the look of horror.  Enter el stupido, who is officially confused by the situation says that everything is good and we should get a phone call in the next few days.

I bring Superman back to sign stupid forms.  El stupido doesn’t make eye contact and scurries away.  Favorite is super-duper nice and helpful (abnormal).  We’re told we’re VERY VERY close with a wink… wtf, woman?  I get a phone call from Superman at 1:30pm.  We got the phone call.  No shit we were in the office less than 3 hours prior to that.

We’re going tomorrow to look at the house and I hope it’s good.  If not, I’m making a demand.  Wish me luck!  Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.  This could be the Best Christmas Ever!

Oh, and have you ever seen a microwave catch fire?  I did today… it was kinda rad and a little scary.


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