The Christmas Eve Update

First things first, we picked out a house!  Well, more like housing picked out a house and we said yes.  Some people are just excited to get a house but after this wait I’ve been able to decide what features I wanted.

My wishlist (in order):

  1. Fence
  2. 2 car garage
  3. Counter space in kitchen
  4. Walk-in closet
  5. Not a corner house
  6. No mailbox outside
  7. Not on the turn
  8. Nameplate facing the street
  9. Pantry
  10. Arctic Room
  11. The “wood” floors

Ok, lets explain some of these features in the houses around here…

Counter Space – some of the kitchens have NO counter space.  Like you chop and stuff on a cutting board, on top of the sink.

Not a corner house – if you have the house on the corner, you have to shovel all the way around the house to the property line behind you and it snows every few days around here.  The driveway alone had 3 feet of snow on the house we looked at.

No mailbox – if the mailbox is on your lot, you have to shovel the path for the mailman… see above

Not on the turn – so most of the roads around here are circles and such, if you love on the corner of the turn the great snowplow people pile the snow in front of your driveway to the tune of 4-6 feet of frozen, blocky, snow.  You are then responsible for moving that frozen mass or you get ticketed.

Nameplate on the front – Our names & ranks are on our houses.  Some of them are tucked into an alcove on the side of the house making it difficult for people to find your house.. plus, I’m totally proud of having a house.

Arctic Room – Don’t know what that is?  Hah, neither did I.  It’s like an above ground basement or it can also be similar to a mudroom between the garage & the main living area so that you don’t track snow and ice and crap into the house.

Well, here’s the house!

I’m also going to throw in that this picture was taken at 9am… notice how dark it is… still.

This is what we got… 2+ bedroom (really a 3), 2 full baths, 2 car garage, FENCE, counter space, foyer, mud/arctic room, not the corner unit, no mailbox, nameplate on front (it’s under the address), not on the turn, with white floors.  Not too shabby.  We move in mid-January after CE comes by and takes the 3 feet of snow out of the driveway.  I also get the exposure in the back for the northern lights, if I can ever see them.  The yard is also not the tiny, odd shaped yard they seem to like to use around here… it’s a huge yard.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to move in and get my dog back.

Oh and the exciting part, they are paying us to DITY to base (again).  So not only do we get to weigh everything again, we are getting a partial DLA again.  Booyah, money, Booyah! I don’t know if the partial DLA is because it’s after the first of the new year or if that’s normal but I’m happy for it.

I hope everyone else got at least once great Christmhaunakwanzaakah present…. I know I just did, on top of all my other great presents that we’ve already opened because we suck at waiting until Christmas.  Merry Christmas everyone!  See you later this week.  I hope everyone has a great time with families and friends (or adopted families) and be safe.


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