The Day After…

Well, Christmas is over (minus the packages we’ll be receiving in the next week or so) and you know what?  It felt like Thanksgiving.

Maybe it’s because I heard that my dad made Beef Wellington and stuff and my lasagna did turned out well.  It was just weird this year, we had a wrapping paperless Christmas.  I didn’t get to see the look on people’s faces when they opened their presents like I usually do.  I really missed Christmas Eve this year.  For the record, I’m just emotional today.

Everyone got sick this year (some really sick), people wussed out on Christmas and such.  I wish I would have been home.  I had fun with all the people I was with but it’s not MY people and things are weird.  Today will be better I’m having dinner with my friends.  These people love me all the same, regardless of what stupid thing I say or how sarcastic and grumpy I am.  I’m lucky to have found people up here so quickly.  I’m glad that Christmas is over but now I get to start packing again.  I’m not feeling it, lol.  I hate packing.  We are pushing up our move-in date to the week of the 10th so I’ve gotta get moving.  It’s strange how over the years I have learned to pack up everything I own in the course of 5 days.  Some of the things I own right now aren’t even unpacked so that should make it easier.  The problem is that I start my new job soon.  I can’t wait to get my life back unpacked, organized and back together.

Oh last thing, that coin that I gave away… I gave my brother one too.  Come to find out, during one of his deployments, he actually went to the orphanage that the coins funded.  It was a really cool thing to hear him say that and know that it meant something different to him.


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