The Curious Story of the Missing Clothes

First off, I’m over here today The Diary Of A Mrs. but the dumbest thing happened to me that culminated today and I just HAVE to share.

About a month or so ago I took our ridiculous amount of laundry to the laundromat.  I had probably 7 double loads of laundry that filled 3 huge laundry bags and a rubbermaid bin. 

How did it pile up like that?! 

We had just moved into our new apartment and things were nuts… and I didn’t have any quarters.  We have laundry in the building… I was just being lazy.

We’re officially repacking and moving to base now and in the process I’ve been wondering where my shirts and some of his have been.  I just made the assumption that they were in this tiny apartment somewhere because things are literally on top of each other as witnessed by this:

See?  Literally stacked on top of each other.  So anyway, I’ve been looking for a few of my shirts and furthermore, my nike sports bra that was like 25 bucks and awesome.  I ran through the options of where these clothes went.  The only time they left the house was when I did laundry or I was wearing them.
I ran over to the laundromat and asked if they had anything left in the washers and such and what they do with them.  The lady there tells me that they either donate them to the salvation army or throw them away.  Well, the salvation army didn’t have them (yes, I checked).
I go to goodwill, vowing to check every single thrift store in this town before giving up and BINGO!  I found 5 of mine/husband’s shirts.  It cost me $8.03 to buy back my OWN clothing.  ARGH.  Bonus, I actually got my own clothes on sale.  They were 50% off.  I have no idea what else was in that stupid load of laundry but I’m really hoping it was boxers and undershirts because goodwill doesn’t have it.  I checked.
On the plus side, it’s a) A charitable donation and b) I got my favorite shirt back.  Go Ducks!

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