A Note About Favors

I am one of those people that has a difficult time saying no to people… for almost everything.

This week I have said yes to 2 “favors” and I have this slight fear that it will happen repeatedly now that I’ve said yes the first time.

First favor, the infamous military wife question.  “Can you watch my child?”  Have you ever noticed that this is always a favor, no one pays each other to watch their kids.  It’d be different if I a) asked for favors or b) had children.

Second favor, the super inconsiderate one.  “Can you run by the mall and pick up a gift card for me, on your way?”  First off, I am no where near the mall.  Secondly, I have to drive past your house to get to the mall.  Third, I must have sucker tattooed on my forehead. 

On the plus side, she gave me ten bucks… and the promise of using me again.  Yah.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid, she’s sweet.  I just don’t like having to tell people no.. oh wait, I don’t.  I just say yes.  Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution…. saying no to people.


3 thoughts on “A Note About Favors

  1. Oh my Lord! Yes, I can totally relate to that feeling – I too have a hard time saying "no", although I am definitely heaps better now than previously – mostly due to a conscious effort to say no. I realized I was just being used and abused by some, but that I was at fault really for not setting boundaries. But at least you got something positive out of this venture, hehe! Nice to meet you!!

  2. Ok, this one needs a personal comment- my first friend up here (my only friend for forever) used to have me watch her little girl every week once a week for about 3 hours…for free. WHY did I agree to that? Because I had no other friends and was lonely. I finally told her I couldn't anymore once we moved to base and Nick got put on days. Sorry, but you should PAY people for that kind of thing.

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