The Products for Good Coin

So I mentioned this on Dec. 26th but I realized that I didn’t make a big
deal out of it when I received an e-mail from Anne from the Products for
Good team asking if I’d received it. This really deserves a bigger blog post than the snippet I
whipped out in my disdain for Christmas this year.
So, that coin that I gave away… I told you that I was giving one to my
brother too. My brother (you know, that sibling I occasionally mention)
is currently an Army National Guard kid. He’s done a contract with the
regular Army. He was stationed in Germany while I was in my final years
of college. Well, he’s also done 2 tours. He’s a mortar man. The army
took a toll on him but he seems to be getting it all back together now,
which is comforting. He’s also welcoming my first biological niece into
the world in about a month. He’s seen things he’ll never talk about, he
tells stories that make me question their authenticity, he has a look in
his eye that is different than it used to be. He has friends that he’ll
never see again, even if he wanted to. He’s still himself, just older
and wiser, and humble (sometimes).
I sent him this coin with all the documentation and certificate of
authenticity. I wasn’t even sure if he’d even heard about this but I
definitely thought he needed the coin. He’s in the process of deciding
whether he wants to go AD again.
I texted him on Christmas Day and asked if he’d gotten the coin. He
immediately called me back. Come to find out, during one of his tours,
he’d been to the orphanage that the coins originally funded with his
guys. He had a special connection to this coin that I hadn’t even
imagined would have existed. He told me about his visit to the
orphanage and how they had heard something about it during their
vacations in the sandbox. They were under the impression that it was
some type of publicity stunt. He knew about the coins but he didn’t
know what happened to them. He definitely didn’t know that they are
currently funding a huge donation to military charities and he was a
little in awe of the whole thing.
Somehow, I managed to procure one of the most meaningful Christmas
presents for him that I ever could. I explained to him how I came upon
the coin and how it was a pay it forward type thing. And then I told
him “Thanks.” Thanks for everything he’s done, for all the danger he’s
put himself in, for his patriotism and pride. I’ve never done this
before. We don’t really get along that well, but we have our moments.
We talked for a little bit longer about my husband and what the plans
were for Christmas Day. He was on his way to mom’s house for breakfast,
I told him to say hi to my dog for me. Such is the life of the military
families I guess. You know where I would have been at that exact same
time? Sitting in my mom’s living room, waiting for my brother to get
there for breakfast… every year.


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