No Fast Food Challenge.. can you do it?

So I have a friend who has decided to cut out fast food and eat home cooked meals for the next 365 days.

You can catch up there, but the gist is literally.. no drive thru’s.  No wasting money on food when you can make it at home for much cheaper. 

I guess I started this challenge without realizing it.  Now that the budget is tighter, I’ve stopped eating fast food for the most part anyway.  Not only that, but I was trying to eat healthier.  Anyway, I looked at my bank statement and looked back I realized that I hadn’t eaten any fast food since December 23rd.  I have gone to B-dubs twice since then (eck.) and starbucks twice as well.  Anyway, I’m not pledging to the challenge, I like Big Mac’s, I like Starbucks, end of story.  I will, on the other hand, continue avoiding fast food restaurants like I have before but mainly for money reasons.  Plus, since we’re moving to base and there isn’t a whole lot out there besides crappy food options, looks like I’ll be eating at home more often anyway.

Maybe this can change someone’s life, I like McDonald’s but I also like saving money.


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