So… I’ve been missing for a few days and this trend will most likely continue for another 2 weeks.

You see, we moved!  We moved into that house on base I’ve been bitching telling you about for months.  I also started my new job this week and I don’t have a CAC card yet.  Furthermore, my idiot loving husband was supposed to be home for the internet/cable install yesterday.  Well, well, well…. guess who wasn’t there?  You bethcha.  He was at the gym with his boyfriends who see him more than I do and epicfailed to make it home in time for the install even though I told him, and wrote down for him, and then REMINDED him of the time he needed to be back.  Apparently he missed the memo on be home an hour before/after stated time when dealing with ANY cable company and even managed to show up 20 minutes after the beginning of the time slot.  So, that being said, I’m currently stealing the internet of the ed center/library on base and probably will continue to until 24Jan when we finally get our OWN internet hooked up.  Plus, without having a CAC card yet.. I can’t even use the computers at work (awesome).  I’m not even going to emphasize how difficult this makes doing my work.  Oh and even more fun, I’m on AT&T here in Why Not? and guess who is roaming on base and gets no data plan!?!? ME.  This totally makes my facestalking much more difficult. 

So I apologize for the vent/rant/screaming, I’m sure many of you can understand this.  I had to remind the DH that between working my job, working around his schedule, and then being his unpaid personal assistant as well as keeper of all important documents and grocery shopper… I don’t have a lot of time left and am super annoyed that he managed to totally miss this appointment.  He can make all of his appointments on time but since I apparently cannot rely on him to make any appointments that aren’t AF related and require him to be in ABU’s to be present for… I’ll handle the entire house on my own, jerk.  Then I instinctually started crying, screaming, and throwing random profanities at him in the driveway while dealing with my pending internet withdrawal.  Then I called the cable company and set up the new install date… 2 weeks away (first available apparently).  Afterwards, I left to go back to work since I was on lunch and came home to find a much more put away house and dinner cooked for me.  I would still like to kill him but I’ll have to wait for at least 2 days until the favor has worn off. 

This time I didn’t even bother to tell him what time they were coming, I just told him he’d better be there or his life insurance will pay out.

So tell me, has your husband pissed you off lately?


2 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Hey, found you for lurking on my daughers blog!! You are tooooo funny, been married for almost 33 years and you sound like me and (the man that lives in my house) what I call him when I'm mad at him!!! And to top it off, we are not in the service!!! Hang in there, the goods out way the bads (well usually, ok sometimes, maybe occasionally?) anyway hang in there!!

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