For all of you who’ve contacted me regarding the fact that I’m not in your reader… My reader totally cleared itself.  I’m also not showing up in my OWN reader.  What the h-e-double hockey sticks?!?!?  I’m here, I promise.

On a side note, that crappy mood I was in disappeared after the sun showed up.  I’m sparkly now.

EDIT:  There was something wrong my feedburner, it should be fixed now and you should all have received about 4 weeks of updates.  I tried to change my feedburner address and I guess that messed with a bunch of things.  Hah, happy reading.


2 thoughts on “Reader

  1. I was wondering what had happened to your blogging, but I just figured it was from moving. Anyway, girl, this place will make you crazy, like loonybin crazy. I've always had my own issues (hello therapy!) but nothing like what up here has made me into. So while it's not all too fun, it's to be expected. Does that help? No, I'm sure it doesn't, but if you need someone to bitch to without having to worry about public embarrassment, I'm your girl. Oh, and I could probably make a list of 3 billion little things my husband did that pissed me off this week, but I'll spare us both that little lovie. See you tomorrow at the pillow party!

  2. Seriously, I thought you fell off the face of the earth…if it wasn't for facebook, I wouldn't have known what happened to you. Glad you finally got internet and cable back! 😀

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