Officially Back!

Alright, I’m back!  We have our cable, we have our internet, I have a crazy job, and we’re dogsitting a crazy dog.  Oh and I survived -45* weather with HUGE piles of snow outside.

In a few weeks (hopefully), I’ll be heading back to Indiana to pick up my dog-er, see my new neice, and pick up my M-I-L for a vacation.   If all works out as planned we are GOOD to go.

Anyway, let’s chat about jobs.  I’m a NAF employee.  Some of you know what that means, some of you will figure it out eventually.  I handle all things sports and fitness at the youth center (see: boys and girls club on base).  At first I hated this job.  It’s a little disorganized and no one really knows what is going on.  I have very little oversight and even less training.  I was so annoyed by all of this and just really frustrated that I was seriously thinking about quitting.  I didn’t.  I kept going to work, accepted the fact that their training abilities are sub-par and immediately went back to my education and just did what I was taught and knew how to do.  Can I just mention that my job is really pretty cool.  Background real quick, I have a degree in recreation from one of the top recreation programs in the country.  I never really planned on using it, I really always wanted to but it just wasn’t feasible at the time.  Well, since I live on base, the job is on base and I save a bunch of money on gas.  Oh and I totally get a shift differential for working after like 4pm.  I don’t know why I’m so excited about this but I think it’s completely awesome.  I’m excited to see my paycheck on Friday, it’s going to be completely awesome.  I don’t even have to work as many hours to make the same amount of money.

Anyway, we got paperwork turned into TMO for the move, now we just wait.  I guess we cant do the partial DLA from finance until we get paid from TMO, according to finance.  Which makes NO sense btw.  I’m gonna end up calling them to ask them about it. 

As far as the house goes, we’re in the process of getting it put up and together, but I seem to work a lot so that’s totally not happening right now.  Nothing is done except the kitchen is put away… my closet is a disaster, I have stuff in boxes… everywhere.  I even have an extra washer in my house that I can’t get outside alone because it’s too heavy. 

So, I’m totally back, and in the FULL swing of indoor soccer season so I’ll be around as much as humanly possible.

OH, last thing, I was supposed to be going out with friends on Friday but I get a facebook message saying that it’s being postponed because crazy amounts of things are happening this month but the final part was that because it’s such a long payday spread.  The payday thing was the main reason it was being canceled.  I really thought it was hilarious because in the real world (yes, I totally still differentiate between the two) this would NEVER be an excuse.  In the military world, we ALL understand it.


2 thoughts on “Officially Back!

  1. I am a NAF employee too, I work at the CDC on base in Preschool. It isn't a bad job, there is lots of drama and BS, but really, it isn't a bad job. My hours are great, I usually work 630-200 M-F and get holiday's and down days off, which is GREAT!!! It sucks that we have to suffer the Federal Employee pay freeze for two years, but whatever!Glad things are going better!! And I SO couldn't handle the cold weather there….yikes! 🙂

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