Frozen Tundra

Hello all my bloggy friends!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Tomorrow is the first day of February, which is only important because my birthday is quickly approaching.  I’ll be the big 2-7!  Holy crap.

Anyway, just a quick update on some random things (totally exciting for the most part)…

1) It is currently -10 degrees F with a windchill of -30 below.  So all you warm weather people, send me some sunshine and some heat!  Not too much heat though, we don’t need ice.  I’d personally be happy with 15 degrees ABOVE 0.  Which means that all you midwestern folks are in for a potentially huge snow/ice storm.  Please be safe, I like having followers.  That being said, if I was still living near my parents, I’d be in for blizzard warning #2.  I’ve only seen 1 of those, in North Dakota.  You Chicago area folk (I don’t know if I have any) have me beat with 2 this season.  We’re supposed to see -50 (windchill) tonight… yahoooooo.  We’re quickly figuring out how to avoid frostbite around here.

2) Because of the massive amount of snow accumulating on my base housing roof, guess who’s furnace stopped working today?! You betcha, me.  Needless to say it has been fixed, it’s no longer 58 degrees in my house and housing maintenance showed up in record speed and fixed the problem.  So, never fear, if you get assigned to base housing in Why Not? and have an emergency… they’re quick.  He didn’t shovel the roof off (yes, that actually happens around here) because he doesn’t go up alone, but he made the heat work and that’s all I care about.  I couldn’t figure out why I was cold for so long, I assumed that it was just because I had been shoveling (for the 3rd time in 2 days) a little too long and almost froze to death.  Let me just tell you how annoying it is when your top eyelashes freeze to your lower eyelashes.  I feel like I need snowboarding goggles to shovel around here.  Oh and then I totally dropped my glasses in the snow and had to go back out with a flashlight and find them (which I did, thankfully).

3)  My leave request was approved!  This is exciting because I get to go home and pick up my dog finally.  I miss her more than words can say and I can’t wait to be reunited with Tonka Truck.  Now, she’s going to be uber pissed when she figures out just how cold it is up here, but I’ll make up for it with the size of the fenced back yard.  Oh and I’m totally getting a few days off work which are, surprisingly, very much needed.  Lastly in this category, I’ll also get to meet my niece.  Regardless of the fact that I wasn’t really excited about this in the first place, she will be my first blood niece and for that reason, I’m excited.

4) The dog that we were dogsitting, who was driving me nuts btw, is home again.  Yah!  Now I just stop by her house twice a day and take her out to potty.

5)  Let me just tell you that cabin fever is real.  People do crazy things when they get stuck in the house for extended periods of time.  Furthermore, I’ve seen some of the cattiest and ridiculously immature behavior erupt on el facebook in the last couple days.  We’ve all been in the house for too long already.  I’ll be amazed if people have the same set of friends by the end of winter as they did at the beginning of this winter.  It never ceases to shock me the names people call each other and threats that erupt on facebook.  You, yes you, I am not talking about you (yes, i’m really talking about you).  I am talking about the absolute craziness that has occurred and the threatening and name calling that people have resorted to… but not you.  I heart you, you make me happy with your posts about your new craft projects and what they look like, those other crazy bitches need to calm the eff down. 🙂  You know that sisterhood everyone claims you joined by becoming a military wife.. well, it’s real, just not on your own base per say.  The people on your base (or just my overly social base) talk some crazy smack about each other.  They start fights, they name call, I’m pretty sure they’d egg houses if they could get away with it.  But you know what?  I still think my friends are awesome and I like to stay completely out of the way of the drama machine, it’s sometimes interesting to watch from a distance, other times… it’s downright annoying and insulting.

6) Last but not least and only because this is some of the chaos…. DROP SIDE CRIBS DON’T KILL BABIES.  There, I said it.  I know, I don’t have kids but lets look at the statistics… 32 kids (maybe it’s 31) were killed in 10 years.  Let’s be honest here, more kids died from FAP, birth defects, lightning strikes, being run over in their own driveway, dog attacks, SIDS, shaken baby, trisomy 18, (insert obscure medical disorder or crazy accident here) individually than the number of kids killed by drop side cribs in the course of 10 years.  I bet more dogs died from DEET poisoning or obstructed bowels than those 32 in a single year.  That’s not to say that those 32 lives weren’t important, but what about the kids who were starved to death or drowned in their own bath tubs?  How about the kids who were run over by an intoxicated driver in their own front yard that later went on to serve 5 years in jail and was released on parole?  Realistically, you’re child is more likely to die in a car accident, in a rear-facing car seat, that’s not recalled, with you behind the steering wheel, on a clear road, in broad daylight, in the safest car in the world than their crib.  CALM THE FREAK DOWN.  //end soapbox rant.  People really need to read things and then ACTUALLY read them (and a little comprehension would be nice too).

Honestly, that’s all I have for you right now.  My life is ridiculously boring now that I’ve gone through all the paperwork crap of joining the air force.   We’re still waiting on TMO money, I’m sure the hubs will go by TMO tomorrow and then finance for the partial DLA payment stuff but other than that, I have nothing important to tell you besides the really boring things in my life that I think are uber important.

Like I said before, try and stay warm and safe… I know I am.


2 thoughts on “Frozen Tundra

  1. You make me laugh girl. I'm glad that dog didn't destroy your house (or eat too many of your dish towels) and that you get your OWN dog soon. I can't remember, does she like other dogs? If so, we should do a doggy play date. 🙂

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