An Email From The AF


So yesterday, I changed my facebook status (like I do every day honestly… sometimes multiple times) griping about being stuck in Why Not? for 2 years blah blah blah.

Well, I was a little mad but I talked to Superman and he made more sense of it.  Apparently the AF’s efforts on force reduction didn’t go so hot.  They’re enlisted numbers are good but their officer numbers are too high and they need to reduce by 2500.  Because of this and a poor enlistment time frame, packets are due in 2 weeks and apparently they’re only doing boards once this year instead of the thrice they usually do.  Just for the record, my details may be a smidge off but the gist still stands… I didn’t get the e-mail, Superman did… days ago.

So, instead of filling out the officer packet this year like he was planning to, he’s probably going to fill it out next year.  That was my way out of Why Not? early.  I don’t hate North Dakota, I hate primitive living and as far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what this is.  Without a TJ Maxx, it’s primitive.

Anyway, I was a little grumpy about it… a co-worker of Superman’s was straight upset/borderline jumper.  You see, “Beanpole” was planning on commissioning after college, but his family convinced him not to fill out the packet and enlist instead.  So, he’s never filled out the packet.  Superman has.  It took his recruiter forever to fill out this thing.

Superman and I had a pretty frank conversation about my disgruntled nature on the situation and like the great rational husband he can be, convinced me that it wasn’t all bad.  He’s right.  Now, don’t tell him I said that.  We just got here, we just got into housing.  I just started a job which may end up being a GS-7 job (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE) and I like my job.  I really like my job.  Anyway, he explained to me that Beanpole doesn’t stand a chance in hell even if he continues on filling out the packet like he claims he is going to.  If we wait until next year, he has the ability to pin on SrA if he can get BTZ (below the zone).  Get Airman of the Quarter.  Get super ERP scores (performance evals) and collect LOR’s (letters of recommendation).  Plus, people will know who he is… not that some of them don’t already… because he’s made sure they do.

Ok… so I totally used every abbreviation I could, just to mess with you all who don’t know what it is.  I sorta drank the milSpouse kool-aid.

Back to the issue at hand, I would like for him to go officer because I’m sick of people finding out he’s an A1C and looking at me like I’m an idiot 20 year old.  I know I’ve made that look before but I’m WAYYY to old for that crap and I really try not to stereotype people…. I’m just not perfect at it yet.  I’m also a little over being poor.  I’d like to not stress about affording to take a vacation and have a child… if I get to be a GS-7, I’ll totally stop complaining, but that’s really more hope than actuality.  That would be completely awesome, btw and a possibility, but a far off one.

My brain is melting, I’m exhausted, night folks.


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