Baby Mama Drama

Today is all about moms.  The good, the bad, and the super ugly.

My brother called me this morning at 5am and left a voicemail because my POS phone doesn’t accept phone calls whenever it feels like.  Well, my POS cell service carrier is really a POS around here (AT&T, yeah, take that).  His baby mama’s water broke this morning!! I’m going to be an aunt again today.  This is my first niece by blood, but I have 5 other nieces and nephews already.  I’m pretty excited about this.  I’ll get to meet her in a week and a half.  Hooray.  Hopefully all goes well today, I talked to my mom and dad earlier and BM was getting her epidural.  Yes, I will continue to refer to her as BM because she’s not my SIL… yet.. I think it’ll happen eventually but not yet.

I’m babysitting today, again, for the same person.  She’s working a double.  I did manage to have her agree to let me watch her at my own house instead of theirs.  At least now, my entire day isn’t down the drain.  I’m going to pick her up (which is a pain in itself) but she’s taking her home tonight.  I have to work tomorrow and her work schedule is ruining my schedule.  I better get paid for this… and ten bucks doesn’t cut it.  If not, I’m probably (hopefully) never doing this again.  Eff the free babysitting game.

The dog that I was sitting (this is more of baby fatha drama) is back home and I get to go let her out 3 times today as well.  Mental aside, damnit I totally forgot about that.  Anyway, I basically go over there a few times a day and let their dog out while mom is at her mom’s house in a different state and dad is at work.  He finally asked if we could watch her while he was on leave.  Superman had to tell him that I would be out of town for almost a week but beyond that, we could.  Now, if Superman could ask him where the hell the money is for watching her the first time my life would be better.  I’ll dogsit, for a fee.  That stuff isn’t cheap and BD owes me a hundred bucks… and I kinda need it.  I’m not sure who is going to watch the dog while I’m gone for a week… but it won’t be us.

Last but not least, the crazy family drama of 2010-2011… My step sister unfriended me on facebook.  Yeah… she’s like 36 years old or something.  I thought I was surrounded by catty milspouses… haha, they’ve got nothing on my SS.  I don’t know when she unfriended me, but I noticed today.  This whole drama starts in Oct. 2010.  She sent me a facebook message telling me that if I told her daughter her secret, I was done.  Well, for the record internet land, I DID NOT tell her daughter, I didn’t lie to her daughter well enough.  Her daughter, who is 17 btw, knows all kinds of things about all kinds of things that she shouldn’t.  Shockingly, she knows very little about the important things (like safe sex and what her gardisil vaccine actually does).  Anyway, do you remember being 17?  I do.  I wasn’t an idiot as I’m sure many of you weren’t.  We did our fair share of stupid things and had to deal with the consequences.  We knew more about things than we should have.  We knew what our parents hid from us.  Now, the correct course of action here is to have a conversation with your daughter about all things from the birds and the bees to drugs and alcohol.  It’s actually overdue.  If you have a 17 year old, you’re probably too late unless you have one of those fabulously good kids, to have “THE” conversation.  But you know what, do it anyway.  If you’re honest with your kids, they’re more likely to be honest with you.  If you lie to them, they’ll lie to you… and you know what?  They know when you’re lying.  Most of them will not ask those questions unless they have been told by someone, discovered something, or heard something.  I happen to be the victim of #1.  You see, my SS and her hubs told someone after they turned 18, who in turn told their daughter, who in turn asked me, who in turn almost wrecked the car when she asked me and was NOT comfortable having that conversation with her.  It’s not MY place.   Instead, I changed the focus to me and told her what I’ve done, what I learned and that I’m not interested in most of those things anymore.  But, alas, my mid-late 30’s SS who has more skeletons in her closet than she knows what to do with will not have a frank conversation with her daughter who turns 18 in May.  Brilliant.  Needless to say, I’m no longer attending family functions and my mom is super pissed at my SS as is her father and my own brother who she accused of trying to get her daughter drunk.  Ok, first off, your daughter is well-versed in the land of vodka (just like you, hah) and she’s sneaking out of the house to get drunk & high with her friends.  Oh and better yet, she drives now.  REALLY?!!? HAVE “THE” TALK.  omfg I think my head is going to explode.  I do know that my brother is over this crap, as am I.

Wow, okay, that last one got a little long… sorry about that, I’m just super irritated.

On a side note, check your address bar… I’m officially!  WOO.


3 thoughts on “Baby Mama Drama

  1. Sorry for all your drama! I would not babysit for free either. I mean a night or something is fine, but if it's all the time, NO WAY! I also agree about the dog sitting, I would want some $$ too!Congrats on the new baby!

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