Working for NAF

You all know that I have a job (and if you don’t, tada! new information) and some of you know that I’m a NAF employee.  Well, come to find out, I’m supposed to be a GS employee, not a NAF.  More specifically, I’m supposed to be a a GS-7, not a NF-3.  I know, I know, I’m speaking in code.  Let’s just say that GS-7 > NF-3… way better.

Furthermore, my job description is, uh, fluid.  Part of my job is on paper, the other part is on another paper labeled CY-3 (NOT my pay grade or job).  Furthermore, if I was a CY-3, I would be getting paid more an hour.

I also have this boss…. she’s an interesting one.  She magically scolds me and talks down to me for things that I don’t know anything about.  I got a piece of paper of my desk yesterday about 2010 Year End stuff….. I didn’t start my job until 2011.  I’m supposed to fill out this paper.  Argh.

I also came to the stunning realization yesterday after spending this entire WEEK looking for EFFING soccer nets that NOONE knows where the LAST person in my job HID them, that on days I have to stay late… I get 2 hours to do my job, my real job.  Yes, I totally just lost it.  I’ve seriously been looking for these STUPID nets for a week, no one has bothered to help, no one knows where they are, no one knows what the last dude did with them.  Well, guess who found them buried in one of our 4 closets after putting on one that was the wrong net???  You betcha. Now, I get to RE-NET the stupid goal which is seriously going to take at least 40 minutes and I’m not sure WHEN that’s going to happen… probably tomorrow.  Oh and did I mention that I’m on kid duty too?! My job description literally does not mention children.  I really hate people sometimes.

It’s no wonder my job used to be a GS position, it needs to be a GS position.  For all the crap that I end up dealing with and all the pieces I’m picking up from both them and the last guy, I deserve more money than this.  I could totally be a bank teller again in a cupcake job for almost the same amount of money… but no.  I wanted to do something new.  This is ridiculous and exciting all at the same time.  But at this exact moment, more ridiculous than not. 


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