Happy Birthday to… MEEEEE

Today is my birthday.  I thought about it for a little while and I’ve decided to tell you how old I am, only because I don’t really care.

I’m 27 today!  Yah Yah Yah

Enter late quarter-life crisis.  (we’ll get back to this).

Anyway, I’m currently in Waite Park, MN at a Motel 6, getting ready to crash.  The dog is already asleep and it’s SNOWING.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure I drove through a blizzard in Minneapolis.  Supa-lame.  I am currently on my way back to Why Not? after picking up my DOGGGGG!! Yes, she’s with me.  She’s coming home!!!  It’s the best birthday present ever.  The second best birthday present ever was the Tassimo I bought before I left mom’s with my birthday money!  I also had a family birthday party which was really, come to dad’s and eat pizza and then fawn all over the new baby in the family.

Ok back to quarter life crisis… lol.  So you know the baby clock?!  Holy crap, can someone make it shut up?!?!?!  It swung into full-force like 3 months ago when it dawned on me that my birthday was coming up.  It keeps screaming but my plans are very different.  I have a few things I need to do before there is a baby involved.  Unlike my brother who “accidentally” had a child, I plan things.  I need to quit smoking (so close) and I need to pay off all the credit cards, and I need to do lots of other things!!  But man, the babymaker won’t SHUT UP.  It’s noisy these days.

Did I mention I’m pretty sure I drove through a blizzard??  A 7 hour drive took me 12.  I’m not happy about all that but I am having a great birthday, even in a hotel alone with the dog and no Superman.

**EDIT** I totally have to brag about this, because I don’t get to brag about hilarious things too often.  I checked my facebook when I got to the hotel and I had like 18 notifications (not uncommon, social base remember?).  My very first notification was “(insert friend’s name) and 70 other friend’s posted on your wall.”  I totally didn’t even know I had that many friends to wish me happy birthday, because that’s all they are and if they aren’t I didn’t even notice because I checked my facebook at 8am… that’s just INSANE.  I ❤ Why Not? Sometimes.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to… MEEEEE

  1. Happy Happy Birthday (even though it's a couple days late). And uh yeah, my baby clock has been doing the screeching thing recently. I never even wanted kids until I met the hunny. And now that we're married it is going nuts. I'm not quite ready, but apparently my body is. I have dreams at least once a week about being pregnant, having a baby, etc.

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