Sunday Catch-Up

First off, if you love reading this or even remotely like reading this… do me a favor and click the follow button.  I’m just trying to get past 50, lol.

Second, I went missing again, I know.  So on 19 Feb 11 (insert military joke here), I went to the ER after calling TriCare and getting authorization to go to a prompt care clinic that was closed because I felt like regurgitated garbage.  So, I went to the ER and the brilliant doctor that works there told me I had hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and prescribed me a nose spray.  Well, I a) asked him about an antibiotic (regurgitated garbage) and b) had to prompt him to instruct me to take mucinex d and other allergy/cold related OTC crap.  HE’S AN IDIOT.  Guess who got to go back to the doctor last monday?!  ME ME ME.  Guess who got an antibiotic, narcotic/antihistamine cough medicine, and feels a BILLION times better?  ME ME ME.  Idiot.  I’m convinced that they treat you like garbage when they find out you’re a smoker.  It’s like the fact that I smoke (even though I’m quitting and almost there), I’m an idiot and know nothing about my own health.  He’s a douchebag.

Third, I got my NAC clearance!!!! If you ever work on base and require the use of computers, you’ll understand this.  It’s been a month and a half and my desktop is no longer a paperweight and OMG, I have EMAIL.

Fourth, part of my insane busy/crazy schedule is that I finished CPR instructor training today.  2 solid days of brain melting crap.  First off, if you’re ever going to do that class (or are made to do it… ) BE CERTIFIED.  Guess who wasn’t certified… yup.. and for the record I didn’t sign myself up.  Also, I’m not currently impressed by the the politics of CPR and I also know that CPR is incredibly ineffective even when done properly.  Can someone please inform me why the AHA and the Red Cross are in a pissing contest about rescue breaths?!  We’re not even going to get started on the fact that we could have accomplished 50x more things and possibly finished yesterday had my instructor’s self-admitted ADHD not freaked out.  I am so not impressed.  But, regardless, I’m certified and capable now… not that I couldn’t have done that with some internet sessions and a 30 minutes of CPR training.

Fifth (and finally), I got an e-mail today telling me to go by and check out It’s a Dog Tag Wife Life from J (the owner).  So I meandered my way over while spot checking blogs… I’m so sorry guys I seriously suck right now.  I’ve got a billion things to tell you but I just can’t seem to find the time.  I also have a billion things to read and haven’t got the time.  I need more time. //derail.  I totally got an award.  I believe that takes my award total up to a few, lol.. I really don’t keep count but this one is kinda neat.  First off, I read J religiously.  She’s got a really fantastic perspective that I just don’t have.  She married someone in the military (like 3 months ago!!).  She has all these great posts (not quite as dramatic as me thank god) and I’m sure that in real life we’d either be friends or hate each others’ guts because we are very similar.

The rules are must give to 5 others…. (and not the person who gave it to you because I totally effin’ would).

I present to you, in no particular order, my favorites (minus J)… I have a lot that I love but these ladies really make my day sometimes.

  1. Allison @ The Diary Of A Mrs.  Allison is currently crazy busy planning her white wedding but she’s awesome.  She makes me feel like everything I’ve gone through in this military ride was completely normal because she’s going through it now too, lol.  She’s a great person and is a great supporter.  She makes me feel like a rockstar sometimes.
  2. HMB @ Table For Two  “HMB”, at least I think that’s how she’s referring to herself these days, lol.. is an ARMY wife (I know, the shame ;-))  She was my swap partner sometime last year.  But in all honesty, she randomly has the ability to remind me that I’m not alone in my boat..her hubs is applying for officer as well.  She also writes straight from the tip of her tongue and takes pictures!!
  3. Jessica @ {mis}adventures of an Army Wife – She’s cynical, she’s real, she’s sarcastic, she posts pretty pictures, and I really like reading her blog.
  4. PoeKitten @ Many Waters  Poe is a sweetheart.  She lives where I WISH I could live (Pac NW).  She and I have very different views on all kinds of things but I really enjoy how her brain blogs.  It’s music to me.
  5. Sarah @ Misadventures in Matrimony  Sarah is a real life person to me.  She’s really funny and fun to be around.  She handles my “you’re a baby” comments when I refer to her age (mainly because I feel super ancient).  I actually see her in real life.  Oh and if you ever wanted to redecorate your house and needed some ideas, ask her… she’s got a special eye for creative things and no fear when it comes to paint.  I’m uber jealous and wish I was able to put together rooms like she does.

I promise that I’ll be back more often that I was this week.  It’s just a nutso week.  Anyway, Happy Sunday to all, it’s my favorite day of the week because I don’t work (EXCEPT TODAY… stupid effin’ AF).


7 thoughts on “Sunday Catch-Up

  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! My husband hates all doctors at our base clinic. He says they're all idiots because they can't really do all that much. I'm CPR certified but going through the courses and refresher courses are not fun.

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