Show me your rings…

Ok, this sounds like fun.. mainly because my story is kinda hilarious and rather shocking for all you pseudo-conventional folk.  If you want to participate, head on over to Mrs. Yellow Ribbon and link up.  I’ll apologize in advance for the crappy picture.  I honestly don’t have a good one.

For the record, yes that sparkle is real.  I did not photoshop that, I don’t even own photoshop.  And yes, I’m hiding in the back.  The ring is a Scott Kay Vintage Crown setting in Palladium.
Did you look at rings together?
Look?  We looked and bought it together.  As far as I know, he never went alone.  I never went alone.
Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?…and be honest!
Yes.  I picked it out.  I even set the budget, size of diamond, etc.  I’m a bit of a control freak. I always thought he was crazy because I know he likes the triple diamond, I wanted a solitaire princess cut… until I put that thing on my hand and thought it was hideous.
How often do you wear your rings?
First off, I have “rings”… they’re just not worn on the same hand.  I do not own a wedding band right now and I probably won’t for a little while.  I take them off before bed and don’t put them on until I put my glasses on the next day.  I also take them off when I’m lifting heavy things because I don’t want to dent them.  I do not sleep with my rings on, it makes me a little crazy.  I used to wear them all the time and never take them off… then one day I did and Superman was actually upset that I went to sleep without my rings on.  He understands now that he has a wedding band.
Do you clean your rings?
Yes… not as frequently.  I personally believe in the dawn dish detergent in hot water.  I haven’t found anything that does as good of a job and doesn’t destroy anything.  If you can use dawn to clean off oil on a penguin safely, you can use it on your ring.  Oh and when he pisses me off, I use his toothbrush to scrub it and he knows it.
What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?
 FINALLY.  I got my ring the day we got married, after we got married (JOP, woot!).  It took them 8 weeks to resize the prongs and ring to an odd 6 3/4 and to fit a smaller stone in it.  I didn’t want a huge blingy stone.  They were a little confused that I wanted a smaller stone.  Mine is made for a .75 carats, mine is .62 carats.

Keep a look out for the next few days, I’ve got a guest blogger who wanted to share some information with you as well as a company who wanted to share some deals.   Plus, you’ll get to hear my rant on my extreme hatred for TMO and finance currently (and maybe even the cable company).  Oh and thanks for the follows, we FINALLY hit 50.  I know a bunch of you are still creeping around, my google tells me so… 😉

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