Bring on the sunshine.

When I think about North Dakota, I don’t think about sunrise/sunset patterns like Alaska.  Alaska is OCONUS.  North Dakota is in the frickin’ US (barely).  I remember just a few weeks ago how dark it was in the mornings, how dark it was at night, how I never got to see the sun at all.  And now, it’s light out until 7pm.  The sun wakes me up in the morning.  It’s March.  You got that?  It’s frickin’ March.

I don’t know if I just missed so much sunlight in the winter or if the rumors of dusk occurring until midnight in the middle of the summer are real, but I’ve really got to start looking for dark curtains.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t WAIT for eternal sunshine.  But with eternal sunshine comes a serious issue.  When I lived in S-C Indiana, we went to best buy in the summer once.  We tried to walk in and the doors just wouldn’t open.  It’d be one thing if we were the only idiots standing there, but we weren’t.  There were like 10 people who couldn’t figure out why Best Buy was closed, it was gorgeous out.  The sun had yet to set, it was in the 80’s, there was an awesome summer wind… it was 10pm.  Nevermind that S-C Indiana should really be on CDT instead of EDT, but seriously.  The sun hadn’t even begun to set yet.  Duh.  No wonder why Best Buy was closed!!

What am I going to do until midnight in Why Not? NORTH frickin’ DAKOTA when the sun is out until MIDNIGHT and Burger King closes at 8pm on base!!  People are going to be grilling until midnight.  I’m never going to get any sleep.  Curtains or not, my body thinks that when the sun is up and stays up light, it’s party time.

Anyway, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster of Season 4 of Army Wives.  I’ve finished my briefings as I call them in anticipation of tonight.  Who else is watching?  I know it’s a stupid TV show, I kinda liked it before this whole military thing showed up… but now, I understand it.  It provokes some weird, visceral emotional response.  The dog thinks I’m nuts and I’ve had to clean up tissues today.  I so can’t wait for Coming Home, AFTER Army Wives.  I’m gonna be an exhausted, emotional basketcase.

Happy Weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Bring on the sunshine.

  1. I can't wait for Army Wives and Comming Home tonight! Thought I am sure I am going to be a complete emotional nutcase too since my husband is deploying in just a few days. But I am really jealous that you are gettiing to see sunlight that late. I am so much happier when its sunny out and I can't wait for it to start getting that way here!

  2. When we bought the house, two of our three sliding doors came with heavy, dark beige light block curtains. The color isn't what I would have chosen so I took them down. Two days later they went right back up. One of the doors is in our bedroom and since it's light late here in the summer too, we need them to sleep:)

  3. I freaked out when we first got here…the morning of June 3rd (our first morning in Minot) the sun was out and shining VERY BRIGHTLY into our hotel window and it wasn't even 530 AM! We should go curtain shopping together. I need some for our bedroom…for the big and little window!

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