A year in marriage

So, tomorrow is my anniversary… I won’t be around.  But, I saw this top 10 thing posted over at Flip Flop and Combat Boots and totally decided to do it too.   It’s a Top 10 of pictures from your first year of marriage (or whatever year you feel like doing).  This is really a huge year of firsts for me, so it’s a little more special.

Got Married (and got my FIRST (and only) engagement ring on the same day!)

Saw the Alamo for the 1st time
Went to Texas for the 1st time
and saw Superman graduate BMT ending 8.5 weeks of loneliness.
Went to my 1st WNBA game.
Moved to San Angelo, TX and adopted a whole bunch of brothers and a sister.
Moved out of Indiana for the 1st time.
1st Rodeo – Abilene, TX
Moved to Minot, ND and survived my 1st blizzard warning.

My 1st party bus (this did NOT end well for me).first

1st AF party.

 First house on base.

Became a redhead (not the 1st time, but it was on purpose this time).

Made a bunch of great friends.
I learned in the last year that marriage requires communication from both sides.  You can’t have serious conversations only via text and in the shower.  I’ve learned that some things never really change but sometimes you have to change to adjust.  I’ve learned that I have really got to chill out and stop being a control freak.  I’ve learned that my husband has no concept of money, he hears the word money and gets super excited and starts mentally spending it, this goes back to communication.  I’ve also learned that he is indeed the WORST mind reader in the history of the planet and for him to understand something, I have to actually say it out loud.  I’ve learned that the fire department is like a fraternity and that I really hate feeling like I’m in college all over again.  I’ve learned that being unemployed is FANTASTIC and I’m really sad that I had to go back to work.  I’ve learned that military wives are fantastic but they can also be cattier than your average 12 year old.  I’ve learned that I hate the weather/desolate location of North Dakota.  I’ve learned that my husband is so laid back about life that he has no sense of urgency (oh wait, I already knew that).
Hooray for everyone making it through the FIRST year of marriage without any fatalities!


5 thoughts on “A year in marriage

  1. LOL. I love that last comment about fatalities…because I can totally relate. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary, I hope you guys find something fun to do tomorrow! 🙂

  2. It was definitely close, lol. My patience has been tried exponentially by everything in our lives anymore (not just him). I think the AF should consider itself lucky right now.

  3. What an awesome post! I wished I had blogged when we were in Germany and going through all this military stuff at first. I would love to go back and read about what I thought and what we did. I see you made it to Abilene! haha, there isn't much here either…but it's not too bad…

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