Because I lack the ability to stop…

I’m not a politician, I’m not in government budgeting and funds allocation.  I am a woman.  I am a woman who attended a school system that believed in abstinence only sex education.  I am a woman who is terrified by the thought of 12 year olds having sex.  I am a woman who is pro-child.  I support abortions and women’s reproductive health.  I’m passionate about women’s reproductive rights.  I probably don’t look it or seem it, but I am.  I don’t think that crack heads should procreate.  I don’t think any junkie or drug head should, neither should abusers and molesters.  I don’t think that children should be brought into this world knowing they’ll become another burden to society.  I just don’t believe in recklessly opening your legs and spawning children and then living off the government aid that is available.  I really don’t believe in taking the government for a ride for free housing and food stamps while you fill up the gas tank on your $40,000 SUV.  Hell, I’d like to be able to afford one of those.  Am I happy for people who have children and raise them without abusing them or neglecting them and love their kids?  Yes.  Is it fair to bring a child into the world (on purpose) knowing full well that you aren’t capable of providing for it, putting a roof over its head, or feeding it?  NO.  Is it fair to your parents to have to provide for you AND your child because you’re not working, there is not present dad, and you have no money?  No.

Ok, now that 50% of you hate me or want me dead….  I would apologize, but I’m not sorry.  This is how I feel and you can feel however you want, I’m cool with that.  It’s not that I’m trying to start a fight or tell people what to believe, I want you to make your own choice, but I’d prefer if you were informed.

Example:  A girl I work with told me that Obama wasn’t born in the United States and his birth certificate is fake.  She went on to suggest that he should be arrested and taken out of office.  I just about choked on my drink and stopped myself before launching into a tirade about gossip.  Do you really think that Hillary Clinton would have allowed herself to lose to an illegal immigrant?!

Anyway, there has been a LOT going on the internet/facebook/twitter/etc. about planned parenthood and it’s questionable activities.  There have been undercover tapes and craziness.  Let’s address this situation.

Do I support Planned Parenthood’s crappy employees who talk crap and make awful comments and jokes about their jobs?  Absolutely not.  But, I also don’t expect the highest level of professionalism from their employees who occasionally forget that they work at a charity/clinic.  They are not from the same employee pool that we get our doctor’s and nurses from.  There is a different level of standards.  Does that make it better? No.  I just don’t expect that much from them, their pay sucks.  Do you expect quality service at McD’s, no, you just expect what you order and them to be able to answer general questions for you.  Do I expect their medical staff to be professional and knowledgeable?  Absolutely.

Ok, let’s break some things down…

According to PP’s factsheet (current as of Sept. 2010).. for services rendered in 2008 (they’re always 1-2 years behind on the national report)  found here… or the annual report..

  • 2.26 million reversible contraceptive services
  • 1.43 million emergency contraception services

Grand total is 3.8 million contraception services (male & female)  35% of total services

Did you know that some planned parenthood locations provide vasectomy services?  I didn’t.

  • 3.7 million STI/STD Testing/Treatment services (34% of total services)

This number includes HIV testing for both men & women.

  • 915K Pap Smears (Cancer Screenings combined 17%)
  • 1.1 million pregnancy tests (10%)
  • 324K abortions (3%)

Yes, planned parenthood bundles services… just like your doctor’s office does.  A woman can go in for a pregnancy test, get a pap smear with an HPV screening and walk out with birth control (4 services).  That’s why they are listed by services, not by quantity served.

Having an abortion is not ideal but having these services available to women is responsible.  It’s not like planned parenthood has a sign up that says, “WE DO ABORTIONS” or “YOU SHOULD HAVE AN ABORTION”.  I have never received anything in the mail from PP.  They don’t chase pregnant people around telling them to have an abortion.  I have never been called and asked for a donation.  They do OTHER things besides abortions, LOTS of other things.  Even if you look at the number of services provided (2,263,776 contraception services v. 324,008 abortions) there is a huge difference.  If you were to get an abortion, they don’t charge extra for the birth control, rH test, ultrasound, medication, etc.  But regardless, this isn’t about abortion… this is about a group founded by women who believes in giving women access to reproductive healthare they might not normally have access to.  Their services aren’t just used by 16 year olds, women of all ages use their services.  Do I support planned parenthood?  Yes, 100%.  We’re a special group of women, we’re military wives.  We have healthcare.  I hope no one has to figure out how to access reproductive services without insurance.

Do you remember my post about Tricare and my pap smear?  It was a while ago.  I went to the doctor to have my annual and they sent out samples for whatever they decided to send out samples for… Well, Tricare wouldn’t cover the exam or labs because the doctor’s office would not be specific on what they were doing.  For those of you with Tricare, you may be able to empathize.  They don’t want to know that I had “preventative gynecological services”  they wanted to know that I had a pap smear.  Anyway, my lab costs alone were $252 according to the collection company who kept calling me and yelling at me on the phone.  My office visit was $98.50 according to the doctor’s office when I called them to tell them they most likely hadn’t been paid yet since it wasn’t coded properly.  That $350 doctor visit to check for abnormal cervical cells and a birth control script, I don’t have $350 laying around.  My birth control (without insurance at the pharmacy) is $50 +/- $7 depending on the pharmacy.  With my insurance, I paid nothing except $7/month at CVS (after they got it all figured out).  Planned Parenthood has birth control for cheap.  It used to be dirt cheap but then the price of all birth controls got all jacked up.  I used to get mine for $11 bucks/mo in college, at the campus health center, without insurance.  Then one day it cost me $35.   Imagine having to shell out $350 bucks because you work a job with crappy insurance or no insurance but don’t qualify for medicaid?  That is what PP is for.  To provide those services for people who can’t afford them otherwise.  Even better, they’ll provide those services confidentially to 16 year olds who don’t tell their parents they are having sex but want to be safe about it.  They educate their clients about safe sex, the realities of sex, STI’s, and all kinds of things.  They have to.  Someone told someone that you can’t get pregnant the first time, that oral sex doesn’t spread STI’s, that you can only get pregnant right after your period, or other random crap that isn’t true. 

I hope that no one ever feels that they need an abortion, but that’s not going to be the case.  I hope that people continue to have the option so they can decide what is best for them, their family, their unborn child, etc.  I support affordable reproductive health.  There is no reason that anyone should miss meeting their grandmother because she wasn’t screened in the future.  You shouldn’t bury your family members because they can’t afford to be screened and later find that they had cervical cancer.

I’m not trying to start a war here, I’m just trying to explain why I think PP is a valuable resource.  You can have whatever belief you want, I’m down with that and that is your right.  Just have it based on facts, not rumors or gossip (obama!). 


3 thoughts on “Because I lack the ability to stop…

  1. I love it. I think people live in some twisted fantasy world where "babies are gifts from God". I'm not saying they aren't, I'm just saying some peoples broke asses shouldn't be creating another mouth to feed. But hey, "God always makes a way". It's sad that "way" is welfare for 18 years for some people. Also, were it not for me being able to stay on my parents insurance to 26, I'd surely be at Planned Parenthood getting birth control and screenings. Is it perfect? No. They give out millons of condoms and screenings a year to people who otherwise probably wouldn't get them. That's reason enough to keep it open for me.I just had a discussion with my sister about welfare. We decided that just for one month, we'd like a welfare. As a sort of, "cushion" to fall back on. Wouldn't that be nice?And the thing about Obama. I can't. It's too early in the morning to tackle that, douchebaggery.

  2. I agree 100% because I WAS one of those kids who went to planned parenthood for birth control because I didn't want to tell my parents. Where would I have gone otherwise? What if the duchebag I was dating had gotten me pregnant? I would have been stuck with a womanizing asshole for the rest of my life. If there is a problem with PP it's that their service's aren't available ENOUGH. Which is obviously not their fault, but ours for not being as open minded as we should be.

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