First off, do you know how to read an LES?  Sorta?  Yeah, me too.

That’ll teach you what all that crap is.

Onto the real post.  So I’m really annoyed with some people around here, there has been this catty turn of events that basically involve people acting like children.  Military Wives?  Acting like children? NEVER.  Let me just tell you something.. they do, they can, and they will.

But here’s the thing.  I am my own person.  I have always been my own person.  I don’t follow well, I don’t even stay in one place well.  I don’t live in the boundaries of you must have these friends and only these friends.  I like to call it being a floater.  I really am all over the place.  I don’t care who you are or who your friends are, don’t screw me over and we’re fine and dandy.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some people I just don’t like and I usually know it pretty quickly.  But here’s the thing, if I like you as a person and you treat me like a person and don’t treat me like garbage, I’m fine with that.  If you do treat me like garbage or like I’m worthless or some other insulting adjective, I will no longer associate with you and I have been known to bitch about you, publicly.  Honestly, I don’t really care who you are as long as you are inherently a good person.  I don’t like liars, I don’t like people who are overly selfish, I don’t like real clingy people, I like to do my own thing and have friends who don’t hound me for not seeing me.  Life is busy, having a job gets in the way of fun.

So, here it goes… just because I am friends with a person doesn’t make me that person.  The fact that I have been judged by people based on 2 friendships out of like 30, is uber-ridiculous.  Yes, 2 people define me.  Two of my friends can tell you exactly who I am.  Here comes the strongly worded part of this…

If you can’t act like an adult, you need to put your big kid pants on and shut your damn mouth.  I seriously feel like I’m in high school all over again because some people I have the pleasure of dealing with have the maturity of a DAMN 7th grader.  You know those 7 graders, those mean ones…?  The ones who have a core group of friends, expect people to give a shit about them all the time and then treat you like your invisible and basically dismiss you even if you may have only ever talked to them for less than 2 minutes?   Yeah, those bitches.  If you’re one of those, you can kiss my ass.

I’m not in 7th grade anymore, I’m not even remotely close.  I don’t like people who are mean for no apparent reason.  Or how about when people won’t be your friend because you have a friend they don’t like?  Are you kidding me?!!?  Grow the hell up.

Welcome to my current life.  I’m more or less working a lot at this point because people are so damn immature that I refuse to deal with this bullshit.  I’d rather hide in my house and be alone than deal with the two-faced nature, the shit talking, the insulting, the putdowns, the gossip, and the bullshit.  I’m really over being invited out to amuse people and make them feel more important by sheer numbers.  I’m also annoyed by being invited to things when they want me to buy something.  Maybe I’ll emerge when people calm their shit down but I don’t see it happening for another month… they’re too wrapped up in themselves to notice that people are literally hiding so they don’t have to deal with this crap.  I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed or decided to get out while the going got good.  I would rather work my life away and hide in my house than deal with mean, bitchy, stereotypical, catty, ignorant, military wives.

//end rant

Side note, 10 days down on the no-smoking thing.  No one has died yet (hooray!) and I’m on twitter if you missed that announcement, molly_danger.


4 thoughts on “Irked

  1. Things like this are why I can't wait to leave this base. I'm hoping that at a larger base things won't be quite so bad, because not everyone will know each other. I love my little group of friends here…but I hate their friends. Does that make sense? I'm tired of catty girls talking about other girls I know, or one particularly catty girl who for some reason makes everyone think the sun shines out of her ass. Excuse my language, I'm just sick of this place. Ever want to complain, just let me know. I could use someone to bitch to about this place other than my husband cause he's getting pretty sick of listening to it.

  2. Booo, sorry you're dealing with it. Hopefully it goes away soon.Unfortunately, I was that mean 7th grader. By the time I was a senior (even before) in high school I was NOT that same 7th grader and was friends with everyone.

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