Great Mondays

The zombie apocalypse is about to happen around here.  Except, they aren’t zombies and the apocalypse will look a little different than normal.  Instead of zombies eating your brains or whatever it is they eat, this will be about “zombies” who randomly delete you on facebook.

If military wives are this immature, catty, and nuts everywhere else, I’m not living on base again.  As a matter of fact, I may not attempt to make friends with milies at any other base.

And for the record, if you post something on your facebook like, “It’s time for spring cleaning” or the likes in reference to the fact that you’re about to delete people, you should be smacked for being a drama queen.  If you don’t want to be friends with someone, that is between you and them.  It is not between you and 500 of your closes facebook friends.  Grow a pair and grow up.

If you’re coming to Minot and that’s how you got to my blog, here’s the warning.  They’re ALL losing their mind and they act like 7th graders.  I’m going back to working and hiding in my own house, eff this crap.  I don’t need a bunch of SAHM’s to treat me like I’m a piece of lint because they have nothing better to do with their lives or their day.  This should be in the brochure… “Our Wives are immature and catty, expect lots of DRAMA.”

I’m so glad that we got stationed here as our first base. //sarcasm


5 thoughts on “Great Mondays

  1. I have seena lot of this on facebook too! It cracks me up! (they aren't all military wives though) I saw one that said something like "welcome… if you see this then you weren't deleted" or something! I just laugh.

  2. That sucks. I am glad it isn't like that here. I loved when we were in Germany how close everyone was, and it seemed like almost everyone got along. I also hate the whole delete on Facebook thing. It is SO stupid, and very High School like. Hope your Monday get's better!

  3. I disagree. If someone doesn't really know someone on their facebook, or no longer talks to them, whats the point of having them as their friends? I've also been here long enough to know that its not minot that is drama, its some of the people. Not the whole base. Most people like it here in Minot, unless you PCSd here having negative feelings about it. You gotta have an open mind and not listen to all the bad stuff about it. If you come here hoping to like it and try to make the best of it, most likely you'll have a great experience here.

  4. I see the Minot community has found my blog… that's pretty awesome. Not really. And whoever "anonymous" is, you're right… not everyone has lost their minds… But what I was trying to convey was, is it necessary to tell everyone that you are deleting people.. and then in some cases congratulating them on making the cut? No, it's not. If you're not friends with someone then delete them but like I said, you don't have to tell everyone about it. Just do it.

  5. Well, I totally agree with you there. That is pretty silly. If your gonna do it, just do it. I go through mine, but only cause half of the people wanna add just cause I ran into them ONE time, and then they NEVER say anything. lolAnd I have no idea how I cam across your blog. Maybe household diva?? Not sure. Just happened to find it, then saw where you lived. THEN you posted a pic of a baby shower that I happened to see someone else post a pic on fb and now I know who you are. lol. But I don't 'know' you IRL. Just know your name. 😀 And I won't share your blog with anyone.personally, I am only writing as anonymous cause I don't want my friends to know of my blog either. I would rather be able to post whatever i want and not worry about who it may offend. Not that I write anything offensive, but yes, some people do get butt hurt over something stupid and silly.

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