Every now and then I go into my google analytics and check to see what search terms are bringing people to me.  I also check to see where my visitors are coming from and what it is you’re all looking at.

My biggest searches right now are:

  • do airmen marry airmen
  • how to marry my airman in texas
  • airmen discretionary income
  • are wives allowed when airmen are in firefighter training
  • being an airman’s wife

With that being said, I’m going to answer those to the best of my ability….

Do Airman marry Airman?  Yes.  There are some perks to marrying a military person, if you are a military person.  Plenty of times, while driving to and from home, I see A1C & A1C ______ or SSGT & AIC ________ or A1C & SRA ________…. if happens on the officer side too.  Btw, we have names on our houses (and titles).  Now, do airman marry other people too?  Yes.

How to marry my airman in Texas?  Well, I didn’t do this but I’ve seen it happen. Let’s assume you’re getting married in San Antonio, TX (Bexar County).

  • $66 CASH only
  • you’ll need to show proof of Identity and Age (birth certificate or some type of id issued by another state, the government or another country).  Driver’s License or Military ID should be plenty.
  • 72 hour waiting period (UNLESS the applicant is active duty military or a few other things)

Well, that sounds pretty easy.  You do NOT have to be a resident of Texas to get married in Texas!  Also, I know that in Tom Green County, you can get married by-proxy.  Basically, someone is your Power of Attorney or stand-in or something and they marry your spouse for you.  Yeah, it’s legal.  There is a few states out that that do double by-proxy too, but eh, it’s expensive.

Airman Discretionary Income?  Well, that depends on how many bills you have in the first place.  Sure, Airmen start with debt and get out of debt all the time.  But airman also start with no debt and get themselves into a world of hurt often too.  I wouldn’t enlist in the military to pay off your debts, you’re not getting paid that much.  You can check out the pay charts, it will tell you exactly what your base pay will be.  Now, subtract state taxes (if applicable), federal taxes on base pay, GI bill money, blah blah blah.  If you have no bills besides a cell phone, you’re rocking and rolling.  These paychecks are probably going to be more than you have ever seen.  If you have student loans and car payments, insurance, credit cards, and cell phone bills… plus whatever else?  You better learn how to budget your money, quick.  And yes, you can be kicked out the air force for defaulting on loan payments.  They will find you.  If you’re married, this is even more complicated.  If you have no bills it’s possible that your spouse can not work, if you have bills they may have to (especially if you’re low ranking).

Are wives allowed when airman are at firefighter training?  Well, what’s your definition of allowed?  Will the government find you housing and move you to Texas?  No.  Can you move there on your own?  Yes.  Will the military be angry that you moved across the country?  No.  They don’t care, just make sure you update your DEERS records.  I lived in San Angelo while he was in firefighter training.  I had a blast.  I would totally go back.  But, he didn’t stay with me during the week.  I picked him up and dropped him back off at night.  There were other wives who had them staying with them but we had one car and I was NOT dropping him off at some crazy time in the morning.  I also didn’t see him every day.  He had study groups and mandatory things.  I also moved out there after he phased up in tech school and was allowed to leave base.  He spent most of the weekend with me and then I took him back to base.  It’s possible to get permission for them to live off base, we chose not to pursue it.

Being an airman’s wife?  Well, Congrats if that’s the case.  For me, there is a special land of pride every time I drive through the gates of a military base.  It’s special because not everyone can get in there.  Is the life chaotic and stressful?   Sometimes.  I don’t know what being married in the civilian world looks like so I can’t compare.  But I can tell you that when the Air Force tells them to do something, you aren’t important any more.  There are times that I’m number 1 and then there are times I’m number 5, it’s just how it goes.  Sometimes my plans get canceled because the AF decided to flex its muscle that day.  Oh and there are times the AF tells ME what to do (yeah, kinda annoying) but it’s something you learn to work around… or you leave.  Just remember that if you decided to act like a fool on base or sometimes off base (or post or whatever), your husband can get in trouble for your actions.  The response, “no, I’m not showing you my ID” to security forces does NOT fly.  You’re in their house, don’t stomp on their flower beds.

If you’ve got other ones, e-mail me and I’ll answer what I can.


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