Taxes, Stalkers, and Friends

Ok, so for the record I’m really snarky today.  If I offend you, tough.

We had our tax appointment and got the terrible news that the state of Indiana wants us to pay 600 bucks to them.  I’ve never owed state taxes until this year.  As of right now, I’m officially changing my residency.  The state can kiss my ass.  I want no part of that place and the fact that they can’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to determine why they’re charging 3+ times the taxes than North Dakota.  But yet, there is a constant budget shortfall and people are being laid off left and right.  Screw you Indiana, I’m not your resident anymore and I’m not supporting your tax structure when I get nothing but higher prices from you.  That being said, if you’re PCSing and all that great stuff figure out who’s taxes are cheaper and become a resident there.  Yeah, the mil spouse act that lets you keep your state residency is nice and all (especially if you live in a no-income-tax state) in most cases it’s just more complicated than it’s worth and in a lot of cases, your taxes will be higher.

Next, I have a blog stalker.  There, I said it.  It’s creepy.  I can see the same person checking my blog repeatedly every single day.  When they travel to new cities for whatever reason, they check it there too.  I’m not sure what they are looking at because I only have 150 some posts and they have commented before anonymously.  Before you ask me how I know it’s the same person, just know that I do know it’s the same person.  If you are that person and you’re hiding under some anonymous cloak for whatever reason it is… calm down.  I can promise you that I don’t update my blog 4x a day so checking it 5 times in the last 24 hours is rather pointless.  I have a J-O-B.  Thus, I have little free time to play stupid games with my blog and less patience for people who are freaking me out.  I’m even contemplating taking my blog private so that this stops happening.  I don’t like looking at my FeedJit and ONLY seeing Minot, ND on there.  It’s downright creepy… did I mention CREEPY?!!?  Especially since I don’t know you…  But, if you’re going to stalk me, at least click on the advertisements so that I can make some money off you.

Lastly, let’s have a frank conversation about “friends”.  Do you have friends who are only your friend because you have the time to be around to entertain them?  Aren’t they fun?  How about those friends who get bored with you because you’re busy at work or seeing your husband whom you never get to see?  Those are my least favorite people on the planet.  If you’re my friend, you’re my friend.  If I don’t have time for you, you’ll understand.  If you need me for something important, I’ll be there. If you talk down to me and are one of those mean girls, we aren’t friends. Do I feel the need to be attached to my friends 24/7/365 and know every intimate detail of their life?  No, I’m not in middle school anymore.  I don’t need to know what you’re thinking or feeling 100% of the time.  Just know that if you’re my friend, I will stand up for you, I will protect you when you need it, and I will help you when you need it.  If you’re not my friend, those luxuries don’t apply.  But, don’t assume I’ve said something about you when I haven’t.  I don’t have enough time in the world to sit there and talk about you all the time.


6 thoughts on “Taxes, Stalkers, and Friends

  1. BAHAHAHAHA, this post cracks me up! I would switch residencies as well. I should look into this, although I'm pretty sure I already know the better decision. I hope your stalker says hi and uses her real name soon

  2. How creepy about the stalker, sometimes I wonder if and who reads my blog, but then again I am not sure if I want to know!I am so glad Texas doesn't have a state tax!

  3. I am new to you blog but just an FYI, do you have the option clicked to allow your blog to show up in internet searches? If so, it could be a spider that is doing searches. A while back I thought I had a stalker as well. I saw it on my blog for hours on end, "reading" random posts. After doing much research, I found out that it was one of the internet searches that caches blogs. So more than likely you do not in fact have an internet stalker especially "they" do not comment and you not have that many posts that someone would want to endlessly read over. If you had hundreds upon hundreds or thousands that someone felt inclinded to read, then maybe stalker. But since you don't have that many, my vote is for the less dramatic search engine spiders.

  4. DJ, I thought about that the first time but I can see the track back and it's actually the same person. I've talked to the person I thought it was and she swears up and down she's not looking that much. I really think her computer or blogger is actually stalking me now and not so much the person, lol. I think it's auto-refreshing my web page to make sure it's getting current information and cacheing it. It's a really odd thing, my webcrawlers are all from different countries.So partially right on the comment. I've got a stalker, but it's a machine that belongs to a person. LOL šŸ™‚ I definitely feel better about it now than I did before. Welcome to the blog and thanks for the tip, I bet other people are having the same issue.

  5. Yeah, actually on some blog platforms, you can find out the IP address of the visitor. However, if you do not want to know who the visitor is, then it is pointless. It might be someone viewing your RSS feed or something. Yeah, taxes suck no matter where you live. The more money you make, the more money taken out of our paycheck. I guess that is the way it is.

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