More random search terms…

I’ve got some more random search terms to decode!!  Some of these are super fun, feel free to chime in!

air force airmen being laid off – It’s called force reduction, not laying them off.  They are being separated from the air force because their job has too many people.  They can choose to take the separation or they can be forced to take the separation if they’ve gotten into ANY trouble.  It doesn’t affect everyone, google some more and you’ll find the affected AFSC’s and their year of enlistments.

HOw much more does Airman make being married – No more than not being married, probably less after they pay for insurance for the spouse.  The difference is the BAH, not the pay.  If you have dependents and you live off-base, your BAH is higher.  But being married does not make you money in the AF, it probably will cost you money.  And no, your spouse doesn’t get paid anything for you to be in the air force.  But, they do get healthcare!

what happens if i use someone elses military ID to get on base? Uh… Don’t.  You can go to military jail.  You can be charged with countless crimes, and if you get caught, you’re pretty much screwed.  So don’t.  If you don’t have an ID, just have the person sponsor you on base.  You can get on base with a sponsor… but don’t use someone else’s ID.  Not only that but the person who’s ID your using (if they let you use it) will get in serious trouble too and so will their sponsor (if they’re a dependent).  If you found an ID, chances are it’s probably already been reported lost and if you try to use it at the gate, you’ll be arrested immediately. Just don’t.  You’d be compromising my safety and I’m a hostile, little person when threatened.

advice to wives of airmen – haha, I hope you have patience.  Oh and don’t pick a fight with their air force, it’s a losing battle.

i am starting airman program and im pregnant – well, you can’t go to bmt and be pregnant… so you’re not starting airman program anymore.  I’m pretty sure they do a pregnancy test.  They’d be stupid not to.

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2 thoughts on “More random search terms…

  1. Yes, they definitely do a pg test when you get to boot camp. I had one girl in my tech school that found out she was at least 20 weeks pregnant. I can't remember how far along she was but when she found out, she also found out the sex of the baby. She got pregnant right before she left for bootcamp… which is VERY possible as the hormones the pg tests pick out do not show up for another 2 weeks at the earliest… and sometimes you'll have a neg test your whole pregnancy. weird. Anyhow, she was allowed to stay in since she was already in tech school.where are you find these search terms? These are great! lol

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