I’m in love

With these random search phrases!!

I use google analytics and the little feedjit that’s down there, well it finds some too.
Drumroll please….
“Will I get in trouble for not changing my residency?”  Eh.. if you’re a military wife, you’re not required to anymore.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Nathan_Winters/Draft_of_MSRRA
If you’re military, again not required to.  If you’re civilian, why would you want to keep your old residency?  That’s a pain in the A$$… unless your license plates are free, there probably isn’t a good reason for you to not change.  Can you get in trouble?  Technically, yes.  Often?  Not so much (maybe never).  But cops will ask you for a local address and then tell you to switch your license.
“What’s it like to be married to an airman?”  Annoying and lovely.  Pretty much in that order.  It’s what you make of it?  What’s it like to be married to a coal miner?  Probably annoying and lovely again.
“Life as an airman’s wife”  Read above.  Insert complicated and sometimes you have absolutely no say in anything, ever. 
“I have never paid Indiana back for state taxes until this year?”  Did you owe Indiana money before this?  I believe the correct response to this is, “Oh, shit.”
“2011 senior airman married with BAH pay”  What’s the zip code??  If you’re up here in NoDak, it’s about 930/month.
“My airman is going to Kadena any advice”  I’ll assume you’re not married yet.  Skype. (If you don’t know what Skype is, you can find out at VOiP reviews at NextAdvisor.com)
What’s the best choice married before or after being an airmen?  Eh, depends on what you mean.  There is more money to be had by marrying sooner than later.  Planning a wedding when you don’t know if they’ll be able to take leave is also really complicated although, they generally have a heart.  Moving to a new place for the first time ever with your new wife.. a pain in the behind.  Watching them freak out over new life… well, that just sucks.
Advantages for airman to marry before leaving for station?  See above.  I seriously don’t advocate getting married for the money though, that’s a terrible idea… especially when you’re young.  I have seen people lose their frickin’ minds after a PCS before they got married and ran off and never came back.

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