I wasn’t going to blog today

I was stalking my own blog and found the BEST search terms (again)… I’m feeling snarky, feel free to chime in.

how much does a married air force airman make. SERIOUSLY, do you people understand the concept of google?!  Search for MILITARY PAY SCALE.  Short answer, not effin enough.

tricare payment for STD testing. Wow, ok sad thing is that you made it here with that search term and it’s something I’ve talked about because of an annual exam…   They paid for it.  I’m pretty sure they will pay for it but according to the tricare site, they don’t.

airmen in tech school.  They’re dirtbags.  And the girls are generally pretty bad too.  Not all of them, but enough to spoil the pot.  They’re called DBA’s for a reason.  Dirt Bag Airman.  If they eff up, everyone is in trouble.  Don’t be friends with that douche bag.  (for the record, i still think douche bag is the best insult ever).

can a military spouse stay in a different state. Yes.  You aren’t obligated to go anywhere.  The air force can’t make you go anywhere but back to the united states.  Will they pay for you to be there?  Most likely not.  Your choice.

do I get af bah if I’m a dependent?. Ok, that’s it… I realize that there is this misunderstood philosophy about the air force paying the spouse.  YOU DON’T GET A PAYCHECK.  Your sponsor (spouse) will receive BAH for HIMSELF/HERSELF to provide for their family.  If they have dependents, they’re getting more BAH.  A 1 bedroom apartment is less than a 3 bedroom, therefore, they need more money to provide housing.  YOU DON’T GET PAID TO BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE IN THE AIR FORCE or any other military branch for that matter.

are visitors aloud to spend time with airmen in tech school?. Yes.  Mainly on weekends and only when they’ve phased up and can leave the dorms and aren’t on restriction because someone got in trouble.  Plan accordingly.

how much does an airman make. Again.  MILITARY PAY SCALE google it, then look for the website that ends in .gov or .mil  Locate your rank (it starts with e-1 and moves up) and then how many years in service.  If you’re asking this question, you’re probably going to be looking at E-1 thru E-3 and less than 2 years in service.  Basically, you’re going to make less than 1800/month this year.  Dramatically less if you’re an E-1. 

Keep ’em coming.


3 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to blog today

  1. These are so funny! When I went to the doctor for an exam they told me that I needed to be tested for STD's because I was in the age range, even though I'm married. It took me off guard because I've never had someone just tell me that I needed to do that in case.

  2. @ Rebekah- I used to work up at the clinic and of course that is normal practice to test spouses at annual paps until a certain age, and then the airman during the PHAs until a certain age. When I was there the cut off was 25. So when a guy turns 26 apparently they are less likely to go screw another chick. Doesn't make ANY sense to me. Age has nothing to do with it. lol.

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