Current Events

I may or may not have forgot to use my filter this morning before I responded to someone who asked, Who is quadaffis? And what happen?” (Let’s not even get started on the phrasing/spelling of this question)

I’m not sorry that I asked if she watches the news at all.

Here’s the thing, not only do a lot of us live on military bases, we’re married to them.  We’re already facing deployments to random countries that the thought of deploying to Libya downright scares most of us.  I understand that we are busy people.  What I don’t understand is that too many people check their facebook a zillion times a day, they check twitter, they check blogger, etc.  But they can’t find it in their pressing social schedule to check a news outlet?  What is wrong with people?  I should ask the last time most people read a book… yes, an actual book.  For many of us, it was pretty recent.  For some, they can say, “Not since high school.”  I know my grammar isn’t fantastic, I know I wear my feelings on my sleeve but when did we stop looking things up for ourselves and started to depend on other people to feed us our information, people we don’t even know.  Do we trust everything from news outlets?  No.  Do we believe when some random person at the store tells us that Obama’s birth certificate is fake?  No.  Do we believe when someone we don’t know, who doesn’t know us tells us anything that is possible to be false?  NO.  

Why do people insist upon making themselves look stupid in public situations?  Yes, I know that’s not very nice.  Yes, I know that it’s a matter of perception. But, really, how hard is it to open a new browser tab and type “Gadaffi” into google?!!??!

Maybe I’m cynical, maybe I’ve been trained to question EVERYTHING, maybe I like to read.  That shouldn’t matter.  If you can find time in your life to update your facebook at all, you have time to read a news website and at least get the gist of things that are going on, hell, read the headlines.  I google all kinds of things that I hear to make sure they are REAL and VERIFIED.  I don’t just let people tell me things and assume that they’re true.  Hasn’t this presidency taught anyone anything??

Now, to give you some entertainment between my (in)coherent Sunday morning ranting… 

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news… HE’S AMERICAN. 


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