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Here we go again… not nearly as entertaining… but away we go…

does the military double your pay if you’re married?   
No.  Your pay DOES NOT change, your BAH does.  In all honesty, it will probably cost you more to be married since you have to pay for their dental insurance.  The only time this isn’t true is when you’re deployed and even then, it’s not going to double but you will get a bump up with the separation pay.

airman boot camp graduation?  
This post can be found here.

why can’t my airman take leave from technical school?  
Well, because it’s school.  If s/he doesn’t pass tech school they get sent to another tech school or kicked out of the air force.  There are some tech schools that let them take leave, specifically exodus around the holidays.  But to just take a vacation?  It’s not going to happen.  Like I said, it’s school.  They have tests and classes and all kinds of things that they have to pass.  Did I mention that they have to pass them?  If you make it through boot camp, you can make it through tech school, just go visit on the weekends.

how much more do airmen make when married?  
Again… nothing.  The BAH is higher, not the base pay.  You can make some off of separation, etc. if you’re sent away from your family but that’s pretty much it.  They don’t pay your spouse and they don’t pay you extra to be married.

what happens when a airmen comes home?   
Well, they bring a big bag.  That’s a complicated question.  If you’re talking about after tech school or boot camp?  They act a little weird and rigid for a bit.  If you’re talking about a deployment, they may have some things to work through and process.  We act weird when they come home too there is an adjustment period of trying to work things out.  Everyone’s lives have done new things and you gotta readjust.

i am married and in the air force do i pay for housing?  
Interesting phrasing.  Technically, yes.  But the trick is that the AF will give you a BAH w/Dependent if you got all the paperwork completed.  Then you pay your housing with that money.  Even if you live on base, sometimes you have to write a check depending on whether or not they’re privatized.  It’s a little complicated but assuming you have your paperwork done properly, they’ll help you pay for housing (if not pay for the whole thing).
will an airman get in trouble if spouse doesn’t follow orders?
It can happen.  Your spouse can be banned from base but as far as following orders, that depends on the order.  If security forces tells you to stop, you should stop.  If the commissary worker tells you to tip them, no you don’t follow that order.  Most people aren’t going to randomly flex an order muscle.  They aren’t going to stop you and tell you to drop and give ’em 20.  If they give you an order, it’s something that’s necessary.  But, the answer to that question is yes, you can get in trouble if your spouse is a d-bag.  It’s not a right to live on base, it’s a privilege.



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  1. Molly, two things.1. I'm late. My dad has a bunch on fire stuff he gave me. I'd like to send it to you for the little boy you talked about. Fire hats, fire shirts, fire coloring books, etc, etc. Let me know if that's ok.2. Have you ever heard of not getting booked for a specific job, but rather an "aptitude area"? So technically you are not "open general" but "guranteed" an electronics job?

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