Catching Up

I feel like I’ve been missing for a while, which I’m pretty sure I have been.

Here’s the thing… I’m stressed out.  Hopefully the whole situation will remedy itself soon but I’m just stressed out.  Stress takes a strange toll on people, myself included.  I lack the ability to function sometimes and kinda shut myself into my house. 

I’m also hoping that my imagination is making up an ulcer and it’s not actually happening… which I highly doubt. 

I’m also looking forward to feeling normal again… if that ever will happen.

Anyway, let’s talk about something snarky and way more fun…. FACEBOOK.  Yeah, I know, facebook is really the bane of my existence.  I hate it and I love it.  I grew up on facebook, I had it when it was first out, when you had to have a university email address to sign up.

Anyway, here in Why Not? (and I can seriously give you 10 reasons right now about WHY NOT?!) facebook is this intricate tool that really tells us all what’s going on, allows us to communicate with one another, etc.

I was invited to a child’s birthday party of someone I have never met, nor do I care to meet.  We aren’t even friends on facebook.  But I did toss around the idea of RSVP’ing yes just for shits and giggles… especially since my admission to the waterpark would be FREE!! (they were covering the cost of it)

There is also this interesting debate about housing right now.  I live on a street with A1C, SRA, 2 SSGT’s and a TSGT.  I know why the SSGT is in the same kind of house I have.. not sure about the TSGT.  Our housing isn’t divided, per se, by rank.  It’s divided mainly by # of children and then by rank.  It’s not common to see a TSGT next to an A1C… as a matter of fact, it’s kinda weird.  It’s even weirder to see a MSGT next to an A1C.  In the older neighborhoods where people have been living for 5+ years, there’s a no holds barred system.  They’re not going to make you move when they are moving A1C’s in if you’ve been living there for years. 

Anyway, the stupidity of people’s comments and conclusions make me seriously question their ability to function in the real world, especially when you know way too much of the backstory and people flipping out on their facebook pages to the tune of cheating husbands who are proud of it. 

Rule #1, if you have separate facebook profiles, you probably don’t need a combined one because your spouse is cheating on you and you want to catch him.


3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. LMAO at this post. I am a facebook addict…if the blog world knew what I posted on there they'd see how weird I am. I got poked by a guy from West Africa the other day. WHAT IS THE POINT? So you have an ulcer? How in sam hill did that happen?

  2. We have a TSGT living in our quad-plex. It's normal around here to have all enlisted levels living on the same street/culdesac. It would be weirder if they still had the officers living close by…not that it would matter, since I'm just as educated as they are…

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