National Donut Day

Did you know there was a National Donut Day?  I didn’t!

The Salvation Army gets the credit for popularizing the donut in the US.  During WWI the gave the troops donuts.  Ever since then, they get the kudos for that fantastic little treat that we love (that doesn’t always love us).

So in honor of that, Entenmann’s (you know, THOSE donut people) is giving away all kinds of really cool things (think iPads).  All you need to do is head over to and LIKE them.  Not only are they giving away cool things to people who like them, but they are also donating $1 to the salvation army for every LIKE they get (there’s a limit on the money, duh).  

Anyway, in honor of National Donut Day on June 3, 2011… I’m giving something away.  Something potentially edible.

To enter, you must comment here (tell me what your favorite donut is and where you get it) and you must be a follower.  Sorry Lurkers!  If I can’t see you, you can’t win.

The prize pack includes a National Donut Day T-shirt (it’s blue) courtesy of Entenmann’s.  A pack of tissues from The Salvation Army, a fridge magnet, and the most important part of all of this… A coupon for $5 off any Entenmann’s product.  How else can you celebrate National Donut Day without free donuts?!?!

So head on over to Entenmann’s facebook page and like them and then tell me about it, or something.

For the record, my favorite donut from Entenmann’s is the chocolate covered one.


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