Made the Leap and a PCS question

Holy Crap.  Where have I been for 10 days?!?

Work is… work.  It’s difficult to stay positive but I like my job.  It’s difficult to move on, even though it’s a fun job because of the pay.  My problem is my boss, she makes me neurotic, crazy, hostile.  I’ve got feelers out, but we’ll see what happens.  I’m lucky to be in a situation where everyone is hiring.  The problem is that I’m attempting to make a career switch and I don’t have the experience.

I really just want to quit my job and go to nursing school.  I know that’s a terrible idea (sorta) but it’s all I want to do right now.  Everyone I know has finished their program and they’ve moved on with their life and I feel like I’m stuck right where I’m at due to fear.  I’m afraid of being a nurse.  I can handle it, I can do the schooling, I can do the job, I’m just afraid and I’m pretty sure that’s normal.

On a happy note, I’m cutting off a very good portion of my hair tomorrow, it’s been a while since I’ve done that.  I have no idea what I want my hair to look like, I just know that I want it gone and it’s time, hence the leap.  I’ve missed everyone else’s updates and it’ll take me a while to get through them.  Rest assured, I will.

Let’s talk military stuff for a minute since it’s PCS season.  As soon as you find out that you’re going to be PCSing and you have any idea what the date is… make reservations for lodging!  Minot AFB is pretty much booked solid in the summer (and most of the year).  A part of me wants to feel sorry for people who have no idea what they’re doing on their first PCS since they don’t explain anything and your sponsor will most likely suck but another part of me doesn’t.  I did a lot of this on my own, with minimal help from real people and a lot of google searching.  That reason alone is why I started this blog, to help other people navigate the military when they aren’t told anything, I know it’s frustrating.

So… onto the lodging questions.  You need to make reservations with TLF (temporary lodging), there is an Inn or something on every base, they are DIRT cheap and unless you happen to have connections at another hotel, you’re not going to find it cheaper.  Call them, you don’t need orders, tell them you’re PCSing in and give them the date you “plan on arriving” there.  This website (Military HOMEfront) has a list of all the numbers you’ll need, including some you don’t.  Change your installation to your new base and call and make reservations in TLF (it’s also referred to as Billeting).  They have a website that you can go and make reservations on as well and if it’s 3am, that’s a great time to use the online system.  Otherwise call them and try and reserve for a month.  You can always leave early but you can’t always stay late.  If they don’t have room, they’ll put you on a wait-list.  Now, there is this special way to get a government rate when TLF is booked, you need a letter of non-availability and a reservation somewhere else.  The rate that you get isn’t as cheap as TLF but it’s still cheaper than their rack rate.  Now, TLF will ask you for a credit card, but they will not charge it until you check-in (you might see $1 on there).  If you don’t have a credit/debit card… I’m not sure how you’ve been getting paid this whole time.  If you don’t know your date, pick one that’s close.  The arrive no later than date when you’re in tech school is probably inaccurate unless you are doing RAP (recruiter’s assistance program), otherwise you’ll need to figure out how much leave you’ll be using between tech school and your first station.

Non-smoking update (I quit if you don’t know…) – 2.5 months down and no cigarette.. although, I totally dreamed I was smoking last night.  Eventually the cravings will go away, I hope.

Now for the final question… who uses a reader program?  I need one because this dashboard thing is just not working for me.  I have firefox and I will not change my browser.  How do you keep up with the blogs?


One thought on “Made the Leap and a PCS question

  1. Want to help me figure out our PCS? TMO SUCKS BUTT. I've luckily been at almost everything that I need to be/ want to be, but man, I have NO idea what I'm doing, and it sucks.

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