There’s gonna be a floody, floody….

It’s flooding in Minot and all I can think about is that stupid Arky Arky song.

The city has officially issued mandatory evacuations in the valley area.  People are flipping out, they’re building dikes and closing roads.  U-haul ran out of trailers.  The storage units are full.  There are random possessions in my garage. It looks like 2012 around here.

I have seen people pack up their houses in a day but I have never seen people pack up their houses in 3 hours.  It’s like military PCS gone way wrong.  There are cars parked in front yards, there is no regard for the grass, the zoo animals are being packed up and moved.  People have opened their homes to strangers, their possessions, and their pets.  Of course there are no hotels open (but let’s be serious, there weren’t any in the first place).  Pets can be taken to the shelter with their kennel and food and they’ll keep an eye on them.  They’re going in tonight to reinforce the dikes. The National Guard has been moved from Bismarck to Minot.

It’s absolutely devastating.  People are being told to leave their houses because they are afraid they’re going to lose them tonight.  Superman went and helped a friend today, I went back down and helped again tonight.  They didn’t call me to let me know if they would go back tonight and I just kinda showed up and they were there.  They looked at me like and said, “What are you doing here?”  I told them that I had to help, however it is that I could help.  We took the kitchen table, the baby toys, the high chair.  If the water rises more than 3 feet (which is most likely going to happen, they are going to lose their washer and dryer unless we can get back in tomorrow morning and move them up and out, which we will try.

I’ve seen flooding before but it’s always been a flash flood.  I’ve never seen the flooding that creeps up and eats your house.  People are sleeping all over the place tonight and they’re going to be out of homes.  This affects the community and the base alike, it’s just that the base has a better support system.  I’m out of the danger zone, most of the base is.  We’re concerned with flooding covering the highway and blocking us all in up here.  But downtown, the world just might be ending. 

Whatever it is you guys do (pray, hope, meditate, yoga, whatever… this might be the time for it.)  I’m personally a worrier and I’m not even worried about myself.


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