Flood Fight 2011

Again, I’m missing for multiple days.  I promise that I’ll have some update with my life shortly.

As for the flooding, lets start from the beginning…

The first snow was in mid-October.  It was actually our first blizzard warning too!  Well, we all survived.

And then this happened…

A lot.  And by a lot, I mean it seriously had to happen more than 10 times and it just kept repeating itself.  Mother Nature dumped 84 inches of snow in Minot for the 2010-2011 snow season… and it didn’t start melting until late march/early april.  We were all very excited when we got to see grass for the first time this year.  When you get 84 inches of snow that pretty much doesn’t melt what do you do with it?!!?  You put it in HUGE piles in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  The parking lots get a lot smaller in the winter… and the 2 lanes that you’re used to having on your side of the road, are now 1 lane.  Just for the record, 84 inches is 7 feet of snow.  I’m 5′ tall, that’s a helluva lot of snow.

And then “spring” came.  When I say spring, I mean we melt and then we blizzard again (it’s really obnoxious).

Then this started to happen….

Now, for the record… this is the ONLY main road (and the most direct albeit still a long trip) to town.  The construction crews came in and poured dirt on the road (multiple, multiple inches of dirt) and these guys came in…

And then after they beat the dirt down and put those stupid little fence thingees on the side of the highway (You see those little things that point up?  Those are the fence posts) and after that, they laid new asphalt.  Yes, they actually built a road on top of a flooded road.  Only in North Dakota.

Then the flooding got worse and worse.  At some point while cruising through the awesomeness of North Dakota I actually drove though this river and it looked kinda like this… but when I drove through it there was more water and more of the road was covered.  Plus, there was a stupid badger in the middle of the road staring at me like, “WTF are you doing here?” while I was thinking the exact same thing.

Then the flooding took over houses, farms, fields, roads, businesses, lives, etc.  There was so much water from that 74 inches of snow that “lakes” actually sprouted up in places where there wasn’t a lake in the first place.  While driving on that crazy jacked up road that is the only way to get to base, people are actually kayaking on that fake lake that I refer to as “Lake 83”.  Lake 83 actually has created its own ecosystem and I’m pretty sure that there are fish in it based on all the feeding ducks and such that have taken up residence there.

Oh.. and then the city started to get concerned about the flooding.  That river (mouse) is actually the same river that flows through the city.  The Army Corps of Engineers actually changed the shape of the river after a different flood because the flow was too high.. so they straightened it out.  Well this time, there was no straightening it out.  It just kinda got higher and higher as water was being released from random dams and such.

The national guard was dispatched (they helped do all kinds of things, including directing traffic) and then they helped build the dikes.

Well, as of today, people are allowed back into their homes.  They’re on “voluntary evacuations” instead of mandatory.  Which basically means that people will be moving back into their homes but many will not be returning some of their possessions, just in case the water rises back up to a dangerous level again.  By all means no one is in the clear completely, the river is still REALLY high but some of the dikes will be staying in place, some will be moving, some will be leaving.  People are really excited to be going home after flipping out about a press conference not happening on a Sunday (nothing happens on Sundays here, btw) because the mayor took one day off from non-stop press conferences and they still had people monitoring the river.  I totally wasn’t aware that by holding a press conference the water level will lower and everyone will be allowed back in their houses.  The favorite question was, “When do we get to go home?” or “What’s the water level?”  The Army Corps of Engineers was actually putting those levels on their website, there’s an entire facebook page dedicated to it, the radio ONLY talked about flooding for like 30 hours.  I listened to a few of the press conference and they were absolutely worthless and really frustrating to listen to because it was just a back and forth with the same questions over and over.  I stopped listening and switched to ipod music because it was ridiculous.

Oh, and guess what?  It’s supposed to rain tonight and the lightning is already rolling in (and the thunder will soon).  Yahh… 

Have I mentioned that I hate North Dakota!!  It may be for some people and some people love it, but I am not one of those people.  The mosquitoes are ENORMOUS, they may as well be dinosaurs.

Maybe you did get your big giant updated post..hah.


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