It’s that time again, searchy search

If you haven’t seen this fun game of my searchy search…. Basically, I go into the search terms and see what people are searching for to get to my website.  Some of them are downright annoying and some are just hilarious.  Share the fun.

Do married airmen get more pay?  —- No.  You’ll get more in a housing allowance.

Are you glad you reconsolidated sallie mae loans with direct loans?  — I don’t know yet, but I’ll be doing it.

Can I use tricare and my parents insurance? — If you’re married, no.  Your parents insurance will drop you when they find out you’re married.  As far as I remember you only qualify to stay on your parents insurance after 18 if you’re a student.  Since you’re an airman, you’re not a student.

If my husband is stationed and I can’t follow do we get separation? — Assuming you’re legally married and the air force knows about it… yes.

Air Force how to get a person attached to your orders after you get married? — Go to MPF (customer service) and have your orders amended.  No big deal.

Air Force pay gets doubled when married? — HAH, no.  I wish.  Nice try though.

Airman not allowed to get oral sex?  — Double You Tee EFF?  That’s frickin’ hilarious.  I have no idea how you got to my webpage but whatever.  And I haven’t heard that rule but it’s really funny.  Maybe you’re not doing it right?

Can you switch from a GS position to a NAF position without loosing your time? — That’s probably a BIG GIANT negative.  If you find a way, let me know but I wouldn’t suggest it… when you get that GS job… for the love of god keep it unless something really phenomenal comes your way.

CY-3 Pay? —  I thinks that’s base dependent but up here it’s like 13 and some change an hour.

Does the army do pregnancy tests at bootcamp? — Apparently not?  But I could be proven wrong.  I really advocate that they should in all honesty… that’s a bad idea.. pregnant and boot camp.. suck.  Try to explain that morning sickness when you puke on your MTL’s boots.

If airman gets married do they always extend a year? — That’s a new one.  I hadn’t heard that one.  No.  Being married doesn’t change the contract.

In Air Force how much does spouses recieve bah during tech school? — First off, SPELLCHECK.  Secondly, YOU receive nothing.  Your spouse receives BAH to provide for you but you are not entitled to it.  If they want you to get it, they’ll give you access.

Will the military give BAH a couple that technically isn’t married? — Well, either you’re married or your not.  So no.

Why do airman get paid to get married? — They don’t.  They receive a housing allowance with a dependent rate instead of a single rate.  In turn, they would also receive the same rate if they had a child instead of a spouse.


3 thoughts on “It’s that time again, searchy search

  1. Actually I'm 99% sure that every branch does pregnancy tests before basic training. The Air Force does, and I'm pretty sure the Army does cause my uncle's ex was about to enter when she found out she was pregnant. The only cases I've heard where girls have slipped through is when they got pregnant so close to starting that it was too early to tell and even they didn't know what was going on. Crazy hu?

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