A Shout out to the National Guard!

Every now and then someone sends me an e-mail asking me to help them promote something or another.  Sometimes they send me free things, sometimes they just ask me for a mention.  This time it’s a National Guard thing.

First off, my brother is Army National Guard.  No, we aren’t friends most of the time and as a matter of fact we aren’t speaking right now.  But we are still siblings.

Anyway, they sent me a link to their new website Adventures and it’s actually pretty cool.  It’s like a choose your own adventure kinda thing for a virtual disaster that uses facebook connect.  For those of you who have been following, you already know about the military benefits and the non-benefits that people seem to think we get.  But the National Guard is actually a pretty cool alternative to Active Duty if you’re debating on either.  During Superman’s tech school, we had a lot of guys who were guard (mainly air guard) and reserves (also air force).  I don’t know all the details, all I know is that one of them get a sign-on bonus upwards of $20,000 bucks.  He got to go to school (and it was paid for) and be a tampon.  Yes, I called them tampons.  I know I’m not the only one who has heard that.  It’s funny.

But in all seriousness, some people are destined for the guard lifestyle, some active duty, some aren’t meant to be in the military, and some shouldn’t be in the military.  It’s okay to be guard or reserves but make sure you’re making the right decision!!  Plus, they have a facebook page!  (Doesn’t everyone these days?)

I have seen the Army National Guard in action twice.  Both times, they were dealing with flooding.  They did a phenomenal job in the last few weeks here.  They handled the craziness, the lack of facilities, and the crazy drivers with gusto. They worked their asses off building dikes and directing traffic.  The waved at all of us crazy AF people who gave them the motorcycle wave.  They seriously were fabulous.  Plus, I had a lot of fun playing the Air Force or Army game anytime I saw a military vehicle on the horizon.  It’s weird to see them coexist, I’ve never seen that happen before.  And for the record, the fact that the Army National Guard read enough of my blog to catch that my brother is a Guardsman… that’s just creepy.


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