I wasn’t real fond of Canada in the first place but now that they’re threatening (and going to be) releasing a SHIT TON of water into Minot frickin’ North Dakota. 

Anyway, guess what?!?! We’re moving people’s stuff out of their houses again.  I’m so over moving this crap.  I hate moving, moreso, I hate moving other people’s stuff.  We’re expecting guests tomorrow evening for whoever knows how long.  Then they’re going on vacation and leaving the dog with us… and then they’re coming back… and then the father in law is coming to visit.  Did I mention that the mother in law just left?  I feel like I need a separate guest house this summer.

Oh, so back to the flood.  You can follow me on twitter @molly_danger, I’ll probably be tweeting about the chaos around here.  They’ve issued (yet again) mandatory flood evacuations except this time they say that it’s pretty much inevitable that flooding will occur.  1562.7′ is the expectation of cresting, we’re currently at 1553.56′ (this is up from 2 hours ago) on our crazy little Mouse River.

Oh, and I totally got passed by 3 refridgerators today.  It seriously looks like War of The Worlds 2 here.  Never in my life have I been so relieved that I live on an air force base, in base housing, and not getting any BAH back.  We officially aren’t just moving boxes out, we’re moving houses again… including hot water heaters!  I hate moving.

I hate flooding.  I hate other moving other people’s shit.  I’m glad it’s not mine, I hate rain and Canada and everything else that involves this stupid flood right now.  I’m gonna need frickin’ counseling when I get out of this town.  First 84 inches of snow, now a gazillion feet of water.  LAME.


3 thoughts on “I HATE CANADA.

  1. *hugs*I feel bad for you but at the same time I am happy we didn't get stationed there…LOL SORRY. I hate moving too..and especially other people's shit. Lieutenant is a hoarder of old school paperwork.

  2. Sorry about the floods – as a Canadian American Dual Citizen living just north of the border from you, it was either release a little bit of floodwaters (which unfortunately have to travel south to you…) or let the dam's break, which would have released even more water to you…I drove south to Minot to help with the evacuation and sandbagging, and someone slashed my tires and smashed in my car windows…sad to see so much hatred from my own home town 😦

  3. Holy Crap! Anonymous, I wasn't aware up until a few days ago that Canada had been flooded as well. Our news hasn't really been covering your plight as well. You do not need to apologize for the floods, mine is more of a sarcastic joke with Canada. If you read back to my black friday experience I've had some very interesting experiences with Canadian nationals. Some of them have been fantastic and some of them deserved to be punched in the face (as do some minotians). I, on the other hand, will apologize for the IDIOTS who slashed your tires and smashed your car windows. That's uncalled for and ridiculous. Some people have lost all sense about themselves while others are trying to maintain things. I have a feeling it will only get worse in the next week when the damages really start coming in. I'm more frustrated and sore at this point than anything else and my "housemates" are taking a toll on my sanity. I'm not sure if you will ever receive this message since you commented as anonymous and I have no way to directly contact you, but I'm personally appalled at the violence you experienced. The next time you head this way to help with friends, I've got a spare license plate you can borrow and we'll blend you in.

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